June 16, 2011

Girls Camp Craft - Journals

Our church puts on an area-wide girls' camp for girls ages 12-18 - - this year I was the Stake Camp Craft Specialist (when I told Trevor he thought I was making it up - yes, it's a real thing!) - I had an assistant which was very nice.  Plan fun, fabulous, yet cheap, crafts for 150 girls, each day for 4 days - phew!  

The first day we made journals, as seen here on Your Homebased Mom:

Camp Crafts
I don't have pictures of what the girls made - I didn't need to be up at camp that day, so I wasn't involved in this craft.  But I hear they turned out really great and appealed to girls of all ages.

We used paper, embellishments, and fun duct tape.  I bought the Composition Notebooks in bulk - - be on the lookout at back-to-school sales and you might be able to get a good deal.

I thought this was great for a first day craft because then they had journals to write in the rest of the week - perfect.


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That is a calling I wouldn't want! Talk about a little bit of stress! (I wouldn't want to be the food person most of all:) The crafts you came up with are cute! Great job. You will have this job again in the future!!!!

We're making this kind of thing for one of our VBS crafts this year. Thanks for the colorful duct tape idea! :-)

very cute. I hope you'll post what else you made as I'm always looking for cheap/easy/ cute ideas for our girls.

That is a good first day craft! LOVE the crazy cool duct tapes they have now! :)

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