Girls Camp Craft – No Sew Braided Headbands

Our church puts on an area-wide girls’ camp for girls ages 12-18 – – this year I was the Stake Camp Craft Specialist (when I told Trevor he thought I was making it up – yes, it’s a real thing!) – I had an assistant which was very nice.  Plan fun, fabulous, yet cheap, crafts for 150 girls, each day for 4 days – phew! 

–Voted Best Craft at Camp!!  (Not that it was a real poll – I just asked around.)  And that’s saying a lot, because everyone said this year’s crafts were awesome! 

So as mentioned, the headbands were a huge hit.  Now, braided headbands are nothing new (in fact, I’ve posted about them here), but they require the elastic to be sewn-on, and I was not attempting to take sewing machines to girls camp.  So this modification was my genius solution – – use hair ties as the elastic – they’re a loop, which is what I needed…..

First, as with all our crafts, we had them prepacked into kits (thanks to my assistant for that great idea) – the kits have 2 hair bands, a safety pin, and 2 non-slip grips:

You’ll also need 6 strips of fabric – these we laid out on tables so the girls could pick their colors, etc.  The strips are about1/2 to 1 inch wide and 24 inches long (fat quarters work great).  We asked for scrap fabric donations, so this was a cheap craft.

Use the safety pin to hold 3 strips and braid them together – you can pin it to a chair, your knee (if you’re wearing pants), etc.  After you finish, braid the other 3 so you end up with 2 braids.

Next, take the 2 hair bands and make them do this (you can figure this out – just try it…)

Now, take one end of the braid and put it through one of the hair band loops about an inch or two.  Put some hot glue on the braid (where the arrow points) and then fold the end over on top of the hot glue.

Cut off the extra fabric if you have any hanging off, and it should look like this:

Now, do the same with the other braid, so there are 2 braids in that loop of the hair band:

At this point, TRY IT ON so you know if the length is working for you.  The secure the other ends to the other loop of hair band, as you did before.

I hot glued on non-slip grippers to the top inside – this is optional.  I just cut up some of that drawer liner stuff.  I’m hoping this will help hold the headband in.

One last thing – – the flowers – also optional.  Cut a piece of felt the size you want your flower.  Roll your flower (here’s the tutorial for a rolled fabric flower), then coat the circle of felt in hot glue:

Then while it’s still hot, just smash down the flower on top of it.  Glue any places that might not be sticking down.  Then just glue it to your headband wherever you want it (sorry, this picture is super blurry):

That’s it!  Be sure to let any of the hot glue cool before you stick it in your hair – just sayin’……

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  1. says

    I really love this headband! I’m excited to make a few for my girls. Thanks so much for the tutorial! The girls in your Stake were lucky to have you as their camp craft specialist. :)

  2. says

    Well aren’t you such a smarty pants!! What a clever idea! Thanks so so so much for sharing this :) LOVE IT!!! I can’t wait to make one…or two or three or four! Haahaha LOVE your blog too by the way!

  3. says

    So we have no access to electricity at our girls camp, any suggestions on great adhesive that will work. I’ve thought of different ones, but I’d love to know if there are any tried and true to work on fabric for this project. My girls would love them!

  4. says

    Those are super cute, my daughter is thinking about making theses at her 12th birthday party. What other things could you use to keep them from sliding?
    Thanks a bunch!

  5. beachgirly says

    I live in the Middle East and our craft supplies are SO limited. Thanks so much for this adorable craft idea that the girls will love and I can actually gather the supplies for! You’re a lifesaver!

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