Girls Camp Craft – Starburst Bracelet

Our church puts on an area-wide girls’ camp for girls ages 12-18 – – this year I was the Stake Camp Craft Specialist (when I told Trevor he thought I was making it up – yes, it’s a real thing!) – I had an assistant which was very nice.  Plan fun, fabulous, yet cheap, crafts for 150 girls, each day for 4 days – phew!  

We had planned on making candy wrapper bracelets, with the tutorial over at Cut Out and Keep.  The girls were given lots of Starbursts to eat, but we never got to this craft – – maybe next year. 
Completed Project: Wrapper Bracelet Picture #1
I did make a sample one and had it setting out in anticipation of making it – it got rave reviews.

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    That is so cute! I love it:) My daughter is at Girls camp right now! She always comes home with cute stuff. I bet you are a great Stk. Camp specialist!!

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    That is just darling! And I think the craft leaders should eat all the Starbursts before giving the girls the wrappers. LOL (A friend and I are craft leaders at VBS this year.)

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    Stake…are you Mormon?

    This is such a neat idea for young woman. I’m not Mormon, but I’m always on the look out for cool things for the now non-existent youth in our church.

    Would you mind sharing some information about Girl’s Camp with me? Church is church, Mormon or not, getting girls together and possibly sharing the love of Christ with them is something everybody should do! I cannot wait to share this with the ladies at my church.

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