Lime Cheesecake Bars

See these from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen - – look amazing, right!? (yep, her picture)

I told myself I could make them.  I even did it all – made the lime curd, heated things, baked things, etc.  But mine aren’t so pretty:

After the fact I realize what I did wrong – – I should have stirred in all the food coloring, and then reserved some aside – – I reserved first (the yellow blobs – which should have been bright green) and then when I mixed the rest and it turned light green (as it should have) and I seconded guessed and added a bunch more food coloring.  Oops:

So they looked really weird, being neon green and all. And we had them at a picnic with foreign people, so I’m sure they wondered what the crazy Americans were serving.  See the cookies in the bottom picture that I brought as an afterthought – they were a hit and got devoured.  The cheesecake bars that I spent the afternoon making – not at all.

But I had one and let me tell you.  They were super yummy!!  So I guess it’s a good thing they looked weird  because I took most the pan back home and ate it all up.

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    Well, you could have let me know. I would have helped you polish off those cheesecake bars!!! I think they look like the perfect dessert for St. Patrick’s Day (or any other day, for that matter.) :-)

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