June 4, 2011

Photo Glimpses - Date Night

A group of friends was headed out to a movie (Water for Elephants) and dinner (Brazilian Grill) so we jumped in on the fun!  Everyone had a great time - every time we plan a big group thing, we always say we should do it more often - and we should!

 It was a few days after our anniversary , so I had Kate snap a picture (well, actually she took several - all were blurry, until I came across this very last one, which was great!)

Anyways, Trevor refers to this time of the year as "running the gantlet" of gift giving  - first Mother's Day, then our anniversary, then my birthday, all within weeks of each other.....awesome for me!


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A comida brasileira e muuuiiitooo boa ne' nao?
Pore'm a sua comidinha e' uma arte
Amo seu blog

Love the cute pic of you two! Brazilian Grill? Sounds fantastic. Was it?

Great pic. Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary! You guys are too cute together!!!

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