Silhouette Promotion – – Temporary Tattoos! (face-painting style)

(yep, it’s still Take-A-Look Tuesday  – scroll on down for that…)

READ THIS:  If you normally scroll past my Silhouette Promotion posts because you don’t have a Silhouette Machine, don’t worry, this is for you – I did this whole project without my machine, just for you!

“Pssst, doesn’t it look like I waited in line forever to get my face painted – but it’s just a fake tattoo that took less than a minute….”

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the biggest fan of temporary tattoos – – mainly because they’re so ugly!  Just a few days ago, my preschooler slapped a giant Hello Kitty across her cheek – ugh!  I have this thing against all things “character” and that makes up most the tattoos out there.
But the idea of being able to make my own – – now that’s got potential !

I had this grand idea to make the tattoos look like face painting – fun, right?!?  Here we go:

Get the tattoo paper from Silhouette (it’s on sale – see the end of this post for code) and stick it in your printer and print out your designs.  I just used Word and Clip Art ( I searched “flourish) – it’s that easy.

Then, you peel the back of this sticky sheet and stick it onto the top of your designs (don’t let it hang over like I did – sticky table mess!)

Then cut your shapes out.  This is where having the Silhouette Machine would come in handy – it would be able to cut right around your shapes.  I didn’t.  I was okay with it.  If you look close, you can see the shiny clear around the designs when they’re stuck on – fine with me.

Anyways, back to the tutorial – cut around the shapes:

Then they’re like all the other tattoos your kids have used – you first peel off the clear sheet:

Put the tattoo design-down on the skin and cover it with a wet cloth.

Hold until the paper backing is saturated, then pull the paper backing off.  That’s it – so quick!

They love them!  And side note, if you want more “candid” pictures, use good ole “potty talk”.  Picture on the left: “smile girls”.  Picture on the right “do you think it’s funny when  I say… (wait for it)… Poopy Diaper?!”

Alright, the monthly Silhouette Deal you’ve been waiting to hear about:

1 Silhouette SD
2 Packages Temporary Tattoo Paper
for $199 (U.S. only)
(just load the bundle pack into your cart, and when you use the code the price of it will drop to $199)
Also 25% off all other products in the Silhouette shop (excluding gift cards and download codes) – – this means you can order just temporary tattoo paper if you’d like, and it would be discounted. 
To get the deal, use promo code “SUGARBEE”

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  1. says

    I recently got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas from my hubby, and I am so excited to dive into projects. I made an inspiration board on my blog with a few Silhouette projects that have me head over heels, and your temporary tattoos project is one of them! You can check it out here:

    These photos of the kids are just too cute! I can’t wait to make my own.



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