June 30, 2011

Temporary Jewelry Hanger Solution

Remember awhile ago when my jewelry looked like this??

(You can tell the pic is old because the watermark says Sugar Bee Craft Edition....)

Well, then for April Fools I made a "shabby chic" holder:

Well, that stinkin' thing fell off the wall a few days after I stuck it up (hot glue must not have been the best solution...)

So I finally got around a temporary solution - I used nicer boards and I actually put picture hanger things on the back so they'd stay on the wall.  The nails aren't straight and the boards are plain.  Eventually I'll make one and cover it with fabric that matches my room and put on nice knobs/hooks.  But first I have to makeover my room so I know what to make to match, and that might be a ways off.......so for now, this works:
What are your jewelry solutions??


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Right now all my costume jewelry is organized in *wait for it!* tackle boxes... not the prettiest solution but it really works.

I totally covet my moms jewelry box, a picture collage that hangs on the wall and when you open it jewelry storage.

Over the years my mom has given me several jewelry boxes. So that's where all of my jewelry is now. I have a really large one that stands on it's own, two that sit on my dresser and a small treasure chest looking one. I do wanna make one of those frame holders I've been seeing all over to hang on the wall with dangly earrings though! I think those are neat.

So glad to know I'm not the only one with crazy amount of jewelry that need a home!

Currently I have some of those Command Hooks stuck to the side of my medicine cabinet (it's not built into the wall, so there's a blank spot on the side). It actually works better than I expected, but there is only room for a few hooks, so it's a bit crowded.

I found a link to use a shadow box, which I think is a FANTASTIC idea. I have one from my grandmother that I've been trying to figure out where to hang it, so I might need to go this route with it now.


Nice, neat, and easily accessible. good idea. :-)

I have a lovely chunk of varnished pine to match the rest of my bedroom furniture not too dis similar to yours. Mine has brass hooks though that seem to be tarnishing the chains so I might have to put my thinking cap on! X

I use a two-level tie/belt hanger that attaches to the wall in my closet. I have two -- one is set about eye-level, and on it I hang my necklaces. The other is about 6-8" above, and on it I have my bracelets. It is made by Closet Maid. http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v/R-100204985/h_d2/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053

OH!! This is great! I have been looking at ideas on how to "hang" all my jewelry and all the jewelry I make! Right now it's all up on tacks which is TACK-Y!!! I like this! :)

I use a wooden bobbin holder -- or maybe it's a spool holder -- it looks fairly similar to what you'v got going on but there are more pegs. Great idea!

Just found this page thru a pinterest link and love the fact that you post your mistakes along with your successes. Sure makes me feel better about trying some of these projects! :)

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