Ticker Tape Clutch Tutorial

 I have scraps.  LOTS of scraps.  Seriously, here’s just one bucket of my scraps dumped out – and I have a couple of others!!

In the pile, I found several different fabrics all from the same line (Amy Butler Soul Blossoms) and so they all go together.  I wanted to make a project to incorporate them.

I’m sure I’m not the only one fascinated with Ticker Tape quilts lately – I keep seeing them everywhere, and I can’t stop starring at them!  Stitched in color is even doing a “bottled rainbow” quilt-a-long – wow (see pics here)! I know a quilt is a hefty ticker tape project, seeing as I’ve never done ANY ticker tape project, so I thought it’s be a perfect concept to incorporate into a clutch.

What is ticker tape??  It’s where you take little bitty scraps and zig zag around the edges to sew them down to a piece of plain fabric.  What a fun way to use up scraps.  Let’s get started on the how-to:

Ticker Tape Clutch Tutorial

I found a large scrap and used it as a top border – you don’t have to do this.  Whatever way you want it, cut 2 rectangles the size you want the clutch (well, slightly larger, for seam allowance).  Here’s my rectangle, with that top border already sewn on:

Next, the ticker tape part.  You square up your scraps – basically make them straight, then arrange them like a puzzle.   I had to make cuts on them to make them fit into the spots I wanted.  Once you get it right you can use a glue stick to temporarily stick them down so they don’t move.

Then, grab a piece of batting, put it under the rectangle, and zig zag around all your little scraps.  The batting will help give that “fluff” look that quilts have.

Okay, do that for both rectangles, then set aside.  Let’s prep some more pieces – – cut 2 strips and iron the edges in, then sew them on top of each other – this will make your handle.

Now, the zipper – - scared of zippers?? Don’t be!! I want to convince you it’s as easy as sewing a straight line.  I like to put tabs on the ends, so it’s easier to sew the bag together.  Cut a scrap of fabric wide enough to cover the zipper, sew it on the end like shown, and then iron it over like shown in the second picture.  Do this for both zipper ends. (make sure that with the tabs on, the zipper is as long as your rectangle – if it’s too long, just sew the tab on where it should go and cut the rest of the zipper off.)

Finally, cut 2 more rectangles, same size as before, out of lining.  Now all your pieces are ready for assembly of the clutch:


Make a layer of your rectangle (facing up), with your zipper facing down and then your lining (facing down) on top of everything, as shown.  Then sew a straight line along the edge.  A zipper foot will help you get up close to the zipper. (my tabs are too long because I didn’t want to measure.  I cut the extra off after I sewed the zipper on)

Now, flip it to where the seam is on the inside and iron it down.  The zipper should be able to be seen.  Then do the same thing for the other side, as shown:

Now, if you did everything right (see, putting in a zipper is easy – you can do it!) it should open like this – iron it around the zipper area.

Then fold the strip for the handle into a loop and pin it where you’d like it to go – be sure the handle is pointing in and the raw edge is lined up with the raw edge of the rectangles.

Then re-open it up so the lining is together and the outside panels are together.  Then sew around the whole thing (follow the dotted line) – be sure to leave an opening in the lining to turn it, and leave the zipper OPEN part-way.

Finally, turn the whole thing right-side out through the hole and sew up that hole.  That’s it – easy, right?!?

Here you can kind of see how the tab on the end of the zipper folds into the seam:

And here you can see the ticker tape method in action:

I made this so I can have a small grab-n-go bag for when I hit all those garage sales  – – ready for action:

Alright, grab those little scraps and go try this – – you can do it!!

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    This is great, thank you so much!

    Im your newest follower, I am pretty new to the whole blogging world, but slowly getting my way around things. I would love for you to come follow along.


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    OK, I can see this forming. I’m thinking of making a full-size purse, though. Whatcha think?? Can I do it????? And since I LOVE pockets, I think I can add some of those too. My scrap stash is taking over, and I need to control it somehow. Thanks SO MUCH for this! I’ve never tried this technique but it looks great.


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