June 23, 2011

Toy Story Shorts

Remember how easy those Flat Front Shorts were to make?  Well, moving things around in my sewing room, I remembered some fabric my mom had bought for me to make something for my toddler.  

Note - I am against all things character (anyone else with me on this?!?)  But double note - my toddler is a Toy Story Fanatic!  I've never had a kid so into one thing so intensely at the age of 2. 

 So I thought I'd make his day and whip up a pair of shorts real quick.  Yep, they're so easy you can just whip them up on a whim.
 I cut the pockets out of some plain blue I had, and then cut a few decals out of the fabric and sewed them onto the pockets so they'd really stand out.  I guess because character fabric just wasn't enough?!?!  Anyways, he of course LOVES them.


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Such a sweet boy ... pleased by such a thoughtful and crafty mom!

Those are so cute! And I hope you know that yesterday's comment was in fun, cuz truly I think you're darling in whatever WWIW!! :-)

Yeah I am with you. I don't dig the cheapy character items such as t-shirts and shoes. But sometimes as Mom's we love to see that bright smile on our kid(s) faces. So I cave at times. =)
These are super cute.

Aw, I hear you. I'm anti-character, too - especially shoes!!! - but I allow it for pajamas and stuff. And it's summer - so who cares, right? Anything that gets my kids excited about the things I make them is good for me. :)

I love bruised up toddler legs. Makes me smile. So busy, so many things to do, so LITTLE time to look where they're going!

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