June 1, 2011

WIWW - maxi dress for all?

Back again - - actually, I'm at camp right now, so who knows what I'm wearing...... but I preposted this for you and grabbed a couple things I wore last week:

I found this stripe shirt at goodwill for $2 - I love green, and I don't think I own anything with little stripes, so I went for it.  Instinct says wear a white shirt under it, but the "new me" knows to throw in that pop of color.  And look, I'm even wearing heels with jeans (my mod podge shoes).

And yep, I got my haircut.  I didn't know it'd be quite this short (I was going more for Kimbo's cut) but I think the front was too short to start with.  Oh well, it'll grow....

Now, how many of you have maxi dresses??  The most comfy outfit ever! I bought this a couple of years ago when they were just showing up in stores...and I still love it.  But I wonder if maxi dresses are for short people - - I just think it may make me look short....er.  I have to wear it with heels or else it drags the ground (as in the picture).
Thoughts? do you think anyone can pull off the maxi dress look?  Do you even like them??

Oh, and stay tuned - - later this morning I have an amazing giveaway......


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I love the maxi- dress look! If it's too long, just put a small hem in it. If you don't sew, you can buy some iron on hem tape. But don't put in a very big hem or it doesn't look as nice. I think it looks great on you!

Love that first outfit!! and LOVE the new haircut on you. But I remember when Maxi dresses were 'in.' I couldn't understand it then either. LOL I'm sure it could be used for something, but I'd stick with outfit #1. :-) I had thought that Maxi dresses were a dark secret from our past that had been forgiven us. ;-)

I love the yellow under your shirt. I, too, would have gone with white but this looks great. (New idea for me.) I remember maxis from the first time around and was surprised when I saw my daughter wearing one. I like some of them. I really like the print on yours, but I do think you should hem it. (hehehe - you knew that.)

I love maxi dresses...they are oh so comfy! I don't think it makes you look short...

I LOVE that haircut on you! It is so, so cute! And it looks like there's a ruffle at the bottom of your dress--you could just rip that part off if you want it a little shorter, right? I love maxi dresses, and yours is so cute!

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

I LOVE maxis! Yours is sooo pretty! And those green shoes are fabulous!

I like your green stripes with yellow under--clever! I LOVE maxi's! I have way too many. They are so comfortable, cover up non shaving, and great maternity and after baby as well as way past baby.

You look good in both! I love that maxi dress, the print is great. :)

love it all. i want my maxi dress to be long...like touch the floor..so i love yours. and your hair is cuter than mine.

I like both outfits!!! I think Maxi dresses are very CUTE! I don't own one... But I don't own a lot of stuff... haha! Love that you're trying to insert color! Very cool!

I love the Haven's Edge by Tina Givens in the lavender palette, over at Poppyseed Fabric.
And maxi dresses are great for anyone! I especially like the print on yours!

LOVE the haircut!
I don't think Maxi dresses are for short people. I'm 5'0" and I haven't been able to find one that looks good on me. I would have to do quite a bit of hemming too. But I really love both outfits on you, you look fabulous :)


Love that maxi dress! I don't have one yet but I want one. I need to see if my body type can pull it off but you look amazing in yours!!!

Love the haircut! Enjoy camp.

YOu look smokin' in this maxi dress! And I'm lovin' your blog, just found it linked on Pleated Poppy!

Ask the Duplex

your hair is darling and so is your bod! seriously, you're so darling!! and that dress is DARLING!! xoxo

I have the same dress in blue, I'm tall and it is still too long on me. And I can't pull it off, I look 9 months pregnant. I wore it once on vacation and wish I like the way I looked because it is so comfy.

Oh I LURVE the Maxi dress!! I have tons and they are great now that I am gigantic pregnant and refuse to wear any pants other than pjs. I am all of 5'2" (on a good day) so I usually have to hem the bottom but during summers in Alabama comfort beats fashion 6 out of 7 days. :-) Cute dress.

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