WIWW – skirt week!

Everyone seems to talk about how wearing skirts casually is much better than wearing shorts.  So I dedicated a week to trying it out.  My thoughts:

  • it was a wedgie-free week (several of my shorts have a riding up issue….)
  • cool and breezy
  • I don’t think I ever stuck out, I only thought I did – I think wearing skirts is pretty normal, so I just need to get over my own preconceived notions that skirts are for church only.
  • verdict – I think I could be converted to wearing a skirt or two a week – I did enjoy them!
So, want to critique the outfits I put together?? – of course you do – – here we go:
Monday – Skirt from DownEast that I just bought on clearance.  Trevor, who hardly ever comments on my outfits, said, “that skirt is just (head shaking no) weird – it looks like it’s sagging – – but what do I know, better just ask your blog readers” – so, what do you think?  I kind of like it, but that could be because it was SOO comfy!

Tuesday:   I whipped this Green Stripe Skirt up (tutorial coming – so easy!!) out of some clearance knit I found at Hancock Fabrics.  I kind of wanted to wear it with the pink shirt in the previous picture, but didn’t think I could wear the same shirt two days in a row.  I’, branching out because the old me would have worn a white shirt to match the white stripe.
Wednesday: I got this pink stripe skirt at a garage sale awhile ato for $0.50 – I thought it was a deal so I bought it, even though Kate said it was ugly.  I think it looks alright on, right?

 Thursday: day off of skirt week – I went to Cub Scout Day Camp all day!

Friday: Denium skirt, also from a garage sale ($1) – this was the day I had my garage sale, so in the early morning it was pretty chilly, hence the leggings and sweater.  Are denium skirts dated?!?

 Saturday: Skirt made a couple of years ago (blogged HERE, when I only had a few followers…) – I think it’s a little dressier of a skirt, so I saved it for Saturday because I had a baby shower to go to.  I also flipped my hair out – fun??

 So, what do you think??  Are you a skirt-wearer??  I think I could be……

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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  1. says

    I have to agree with Trevor on the gray skirt…not a fan of that one. It does seems sagging but it does appears as though it is salvageable. And to answer your question…some denim skirts are dated (according to my 16 yo daughter) I just haven’t figured out which ones yet. LOL

    BTW I really like your hair flipped out very cute!!

  2. says

    I say yes to the gray skirt if you wear a more fitted shirt with it. I think the sagging look comes more from the combo with the pink shirt than the skirt itself. Maybe wearing it with the blue shirt on Tuesday. I’d wear the gray skirt if I had it.

  3. says

    Your hair looks really cute flipped out!

    I like all your skirts, but I have to agree the first one looks a little awkward. Not quite sure what it is about it, but it definitely looks comfy!

  4. says

    I loved all the skirts. I used to be a total skirt wearer (I had a friend see me in the fall in jeans and said she thought I didn’t own pants). Lately not so much, but mainly cause I haven’t made any for a while. :)

  5. says

    i love the green and white striped skirt! can’t wait for the tutorial! love it paired with the turquoise top. that pink and white striped skirt is cute too….great garage sale find! you have inspired me to wear more skirts throughout the week!

  6. says

    I, too, started wearing skirts instead of shorts when my thin daughter told me she did. I figured if she wasn’t comfortable in shorts, then I should the public’s eyes and stop, too. hehehe
    That said, I don’t know what it is about that first skirt, but it’s not your best choice. I love the others, esp the 2 you made.
    I’m not the one who would know about denim skirts, but please let me know before I wear mine.

  7. says

    I never thought of myself as a skirt wearer until I saw some of these skirts that you wore! And it is inspiring that you made one of them. That would be so easy! Very cute!

  8. says

    I can’t wait to see the tute for the striped skirt; its super cute! I like the first skirt, I just wonder if maybe it would look better if you wore it higher; you could add a ruffle on the bottom if you needed the length. But it didn’t look horrible the way you wore it, either. You have convinced me to try some skirts this summer for every day wear!

  9. says

    You’re so cute! I love wearing skirts in the summer…and maxi dresses are another fav of mine! I don’t care for shorts…I think you pull off the skirt thing lovely for sure! :)

  10. says

    Tuesdays and Saturdays skirts are my faves! Not really loving the denim, but that’s just me! And I looove your hair flipped out! You are adorable as always! :)

  11. says

    So the green striped skirt outfit is my favorite! Love that you paired the blue and green. The grey skirt does seem a little slouchy… Like it’s pulled down too much or something. The shower outfit is cute too! Just dressy enough for a summer shower!

  12. says

    LOOKING GOOD, Mandy!! I LOVE every outfit! SERIOUSLY! And as for outdated? The denim skirt is my FAVORITE of all of them. I LOVE the shirt you made! Flipped out hair is ALWAYS fun! :)

  13. says

    I think they all look cute! I think the grey skirt would look better with a fitted top. But I must know the grey top with the buttons on the sleeves – where did you get it??? I love it!

  14. says

    I think they all look cute! I think the grey skirt would look better with a fitted top. But I must know the grey top with the buttons on the sleeves – where did you get it??? I love it!

  15. says

    I think they all look cute! I think the grey skirt would look better with a fitted top. But I must know the grey top with the buttons on the sleeves – where did you get it??? I love it!

  16. says

    Cute outfits! You have found some amazing garage sale deals. I think that first skirt is cute – maybe just pull the waistband up a little higher? I love wearing skirts/dresses in the summer – so much cooler. :)

  17. says

    I LOVE the denim skirt and the white flowered one with black trim! Acutally, the only one I don’t like in the gray one. It makes me think maternity that doesn’t fit yet. Sorry! The green one you made is adorable, and I really love your necklace in that picture! I always see people in skirts, and even if they didn’t spend forever getting ready, it makes it seem like they made a little extra effort in the morning.

  18. says

    i do not own a pair of shorts or a pair of pants or jeans. am i weird? maybe so. i just don’t feel comfortable in them. not only do i wear denim skirts i wear a lot of other skirts. but i have to tell you i feel most comfortable in a dress. it’s taken a long time but i’ve built up a wardrobe of about six summer and winter what you might call house dresses. back 30 years ago when my husband and i had been married about a year, we became foster parents to a sweet little 5 month old girl. i’ve always been eco minded but we didn’t have a washer drier at the time. yet there was no way i was going to use disposables, so we had a diaper service. after about the second month of it my diaper man stopped at the door and turned to look at me. he said,”i have never seen you look anything but nice for the day. you always look like you could run out on an emergency at any time because you always look so nice. all i see all day are mothers in sweat pants and baggy shirts, or jeans. every woman wears jeans now. don’t they know they are unattractive. but you are the bright spot in my week.” now i have to tell you i had on no makeup, no jewelry, and my hair was just pulled back in a bun, but because i cared how i dressed he thought i looked nice. keep that in mind especially right before your husband comes home. run put on a skirt or dress and meet him at the door.

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