June 8, 2011

WIWW - spanx? skirts?

Alright, another week of What I Wore - hitting the blog on Wednesday, today.  Anyways, I got an email about a DownEast deal a couple of weeks ago - all their clearance was 50% off - I bought several things.  The only downside is the clearance section is limited on sizes.  I love this shirt, but it's a size smaller than I'd normally get:

As were some jeans I bought (that I need to hem so I can wear them).  So I've been thinking -  I need some Spanx.  Anybody out there have it?  How bout the Target version - how does it compare?  Does it help smooth everything down??  I'm thinking THIS is the one I need.  But they seem so pricey....

Moving on, I got this orangish-peachish shirt at a garage sale for $1 - something a little out of comfort zone so I went for it.  I wore it to church with this skirt, but maybe I need something more like a pencil skirt?  Then when I got home I changed into shorts for a "casual" version.
And speaking of shorts and skirts, I never wear skirts except for to church.  Never.  But to branch out my style, I'm thinking I might try a week of wearing skirts.  They seem breezy and comfy.  Thoughts??  Do you gals wear skirts just as regular every-day wear?  Do you feel too dressed up??

So, since shorts don't seem very dressy, tonight for my birthday dinner out-to-eat, I wore my trouser jeans (I know you can't see them in the picture - use your imagination) - something about sleek, dark jeans makes me feel like I was stepping it up.


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I wear skirts all the time in the summer. I think they are more comfortable than shorts. I don't feel dressy in them at all because I throw on a T-shirt or tank and some flips. Super cool (as in temp) and comfortable.

OH and I forgot to add... I love a nice summer dress. Especially the ones made out of T-shirt material and are loose fitting. Can't have enough of those. Add flips and a clip in my hair and I am good to go anywhere. If I need to go to church I can throw on a dressy pair of shoes and sweater. So versatile.

You look great in the peachy shirt and white skirt, love it!

You are looking gorgeous, lady!

I've wanted to try some spanx, but spending $40 on something that may or may not be worn isn't something I want to do. I'll be keeping an eye on this post to see what the masses say.


And no, I don't wear skirts in the summer. I keep buying them though.

Hello from a fellow Mandy! :) Adorable outfits. I love the orange top with the turquoise. What a great color combo! And I don't own any spanx but I do have some "granny panties" that suck in my baby belly whenever I feel like I need some extra help. :)

Over the summer I wear tons of skirts (much more comfortable than shorts). I used to be a skirt only for church kind of gal, but now I love them. I love to make tons over the summer out of cotton. (There is a time when I have a new skirt every Sunday) So, yes, I wear skirts. But I don't feel overly dressed up because I make the skirts casual. :)

I love the teal necklace and shoes with that outfit soo cute

The outfits are super cute! In regards to the spanx, I think they're a fantastic purchase! I wear mine all the time when trying to smooth out little imperfections. They super comfortable and durable. I've had mine for 5 years and they're still just as fantastic! Great deal!!

As far as Spanx goes I have one, it looks like a bathing suit but with the chest area cut out (guess it could double for lingerie, haha totally kidding). It isn't comfortable and I only wear it if I am going to an event and in winter (you know that extra layer of chub we sometimes put on, for that). It totally smooths things out.
For more of a daily wear I found a white t-shirt looking one at Kohls (it was only $30, although not Spanx brand). It's awesome because I wear layers all the time. It smooths and is a two in one for me (layer and holds things in).

I don't wear skirts either... Or dresses. I really wanna invest in some flowey summer dresses! Can't wait to see how your skirts week goes!

Oh, I love wearing skirts (or dresses) all summer long! And I love that coral top paired with the necklace. Perfect!

Oh, I love wearing skirts (or dresses) all summer long! And I love that coral top paired with the necklace. Perfect!

send me an email with what size spanx you wear I have a local shop that had them for 70% off if they have your size I will pick them up for you.
And what size shoe do you wear I have some blue sandles that would look cute on you.
I am also having a giveaway on my blog for a $25 gift card to Toms Shoes.


I only wear sundresses and skirts during the summer (but also, I live in Phoenix, and capri pants are just too hot, and I am not comfortable with short shorts, and the mid-thigh shorts are too much my mom's style.)

The only time I do wear shorts or capris is when i am hiking/playing sports/etc... skirts and dresses are just nicer for airflow :)

I would say to buy the knock off version of Spanx first. I bought 2 tank tops at Kohls and a shorts typr thing at Target and wear them all the time but didn't spend a fortune on them either

I wear skirts and dresses all summer long! I spend a chunk of money on some quality ones and then I'm good to go-they wear so easy and are so comfortable. (Athleta.com is my favorite source-pricey but worth it and quality and comfort!)

I really like that top. What a great bargain you got.

Spanx? There really is such a thing? And people spend money to wear it - on purpose?

Cute shirt. Just wash it in cold and hang it to dry instead of using the dryer. It looks nice.

The orange top with skirt: I like the orange top, but I think you're right in that it needs a pencil skirt.

Hope you had a happy birthday!
And no, I never wear skirts when I don't have to, for they're really a poor choice for gardening. :-)

i totally feel like im too dressy with skirts on but i found a skirt last summer at oldnavy that was in the suim suit section which is a tee shirt materail and i loved it it was so comfy!

I absolutely LOVE that orange top! A pencil skirt would be retro pinup chic, great idea!!

I live in my Spanx and recommend to all women that have "problem areas" they'd like to make disappear in their clothes! My body looks at least 5 years younger in mine in the mirror, if not younger... lifts up the bootie, slims the tummy, and gives you a killer waistline! Look out, guys!!! LOL! ;D

I've bought the generic versions before, even ones just as expensive at Macy's... none perform as well, last as long, or are as invisible in your clothing as the Spanx brand. SPANX ALL THE WAY!!!! 100% worth your moolah!

Just for reference sake, I use the one that you pull all the way up to the bottom of your bra and stops at mid-thigh. The one that you can wear in jeans, skirts, or dresses alike. It shapes EVERYTHING perfectly.

~AND it has a little peephole at the crotch to allow you to use the bathroom freely without pulling off your "second skin." Its genius...

Love it! You look so cute!
I definitely have more than one pair of spanx (the bottoms that actually go up to just below my boobs) I love them! I am a definite fan! Also, there is a blog who wrote about the target version (it's HILLARIOUS! You will laugh!) http://www.nicegirlnotes.com/a-little-crisco-a-lot-of-spandex
Check it out!
Best of luck!

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