July 25, 2011

Bedroom in Process, Focus Wall - Stencil Review

I need your opinion, so be sure to make it down to the end of this post - - -

If you're my fan on Facebook, you know I spent all week working on my bedroom.  It's nowhere near done, but of course I can't wait to show you - - so check this out:

 Let's remember what it was before - I might call the color "terra cotta gone bad" - - you can see more pictures of my awful room AT THIS LINK.

So obviously the star of this wall is the amazing stencil - it's from Royal Design Studio and it's called Chez Sheik.  I have never done an all-over stencil, but it was really easy to use - - it has these marks on the edges so you can line up the stencil correctly from one spot to another (see them in the corner):
My first one on the wall

Now, to me it looks like the dark blue is the background and the gray is on top of it, even though that's not how it goes on.  But to make the blue truly look like the background, it needs to go all the wall to the ceiling - see how it doesn't:
Well, I felt like a genius when I figured out how to do it - - see, the top looks better, right?!?

For the corners, I could mangle and fold the stencil into them, but I didn't think I could do that for the ceiling.  And I only needed a couple of inches of stencil.  So I traced the part I needed onto contact paper and used it - worked great!!

I painted the bottom half of the wall white and then painted some casing (put on upside down) and some 1x4 boards and had Trevor attach them to the wall for me - he's good to put up with stuff like this....
  I'm currently waiting for stain to dry on my dressers and frantically searching craigslist for a bedframe.  Now, question for you - - I have yet to paint the ceiling inset thing - you can see the clashing light brown in this picture:
Thoughts on what color I should paint it??  Is the same dark blue too matchy-matchy??  the walls are light gray, should I do that??  I plan to accent with an applish green color, but I think that'd be too crazy to paint on the inset - or would it??  THOUGHTS??  I need lots of ideas, so let me hear um!

Color palettes I'm aiming for (sorry, I cannot get these to line up right!)


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I'd do the wall color so it doesn't get to dark. Just my opinion I'm no designer.

That stencil is so pretty but I don't think I'd have the patience.

I think the gray would be good or white...doing the blue would be too dark and amke things seem smaller I think.

You did a fabulous job, I am so impressed with your patience!!! It's beautiful!

My jaw literally (and I mean literally) dropped when I saw this stencil!! Super gorgeous.

I would paint the inset the gray to match the walls....keep all of the focus on the amazing stencil!! Great job and can't wait to see the completed room!

When I first saw the offset color on the wall I thought it was on purpose. (DD messes with the colors on the computer screen so I didn't realize the color didn't match). I like having it a different color than everything else. I would try and find a lighter green or yellow that would compliment the green in the pillows.

It looks amazing!!! I vote for either the light grey or what about a lighter blue.

I agree with Megan. I think maybe the green in that pillow would add a nice pop - or if you want to go softer, the soft grey/blue's were nice too!

Your stenciling looks fantastic! It's such a small space, so it won't take much paint (even though I know it'll be a pain), so I would say go with the green to start & see how you like it it. If you really hate it, it won't be too hard to change. If you don't like the green, I'd stick with the grey.

This is my first time to your blog and I have been wanting to do a stencil like that on my craft room wall. It is gorgeous! I would go crazy and do the green. I LOVE green and navy. If that doesn't float your boat, do the grey.

Well, the safe" side says to go with the grey...the "out of the box" side says the green. But I think I would most likely go grey and and keep the green just to the accents.

I like the idea of the grey or the green, maybe in a lighter color. Looks great!

I still vote for a metallic silver in the inset.

I'd vote for the light grey as to not detract from the stencilling (which is fabulous by the way). Gorgeous!

How about a lighter blue? like the color of the walls in the last photo with the green window panels? I think that would look nice!

Oh this stencil work is stunning!

I'm super anxious to see how your room turns out! Those are no joke the EXACT colors I want for my room. My vote for the wall would be either a blue grey color or white. Super great job so far!!

My vote is either the light gray wall color. Or the white of the lower boards. Painting it the blue seems like it would really darken it... And that doesn't seem like what you're going for with your pictures.

You could do a color halfway between your dark blue and the gray, similar to the mid-blue colored walls in your bottom right inspiration photo. Since it's just the inset, you could try a few colors pretty easily, if you wanted. Good luck deciding!

love your work and the blog.

Green if you want bold and grey if you want something subtle. The stenciling job is amaZING!!

i'd go with that green in your inspiration pictures. love how its looking so far! cant wait to see the finished project!

I'd go a shade of gray, or if you want to go bold, I'd use one of your green or deep turquoise accent colors :)

Love the tip about the contact paper! I never would have thot of that, thanks! Good job too.

this is great!! WE're about to do our bedroom with a stencil so i'm glad to know that it's pretty simple. I love the colors! great choice! I'm your newest follower!

My vote is for painting it the same color as the ceiling...

i think a grey would look amazing :)

The inset thing is called a "soffit". It may be a lowered ceiling or may enclose an air duct or conceal can lights.

I definitely think you should paint it with one of the accent colors that is minimal in some other element in the room.

Nice wainscot. There's "that guy" again-

The inset thing is called a "soffit". It may be a lowered ceiling or may enclose an air duct or conceal can lights.

I definitely think you should paint it with one of the accent colors that is minimal in some other element in the room.

Nice wainscot. There's "that guy" again-

I love your color of blue. What brand is it?

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