July 9, 2011

Cake Ball Flag

I never got around to making those fireworks cookies, but I was semi-festive and made cake balls into the form of a flag.  The store was out of red and blue food coloring (that's what I get for waiting til July 1st to grab it) so I improvised and used sprinkles instead.
Cake balls are pretty sweet, but I do really like the ones with white cake and strawberry frosting - if you haven't tried that combo yet, it's a must!


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What a great idea! I must steal for next year !

What a clever presentation of cake balls for the 4th. Joni

Great idea! I know that was a lot of work.
We love cakeballs, but it is time consuming!
Great job! :)

Great idea but a lot of hard work I imagine!

I love this idea! Perfect for getting the kids involved.

This is so clever! I'm totally gonna try them with the strawberry frosting! Thanks for the tip. :)

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