July 29, 2011

Catching Up - and rootbeer tip

Side Note - - happy birthday to my hunky hubby today!  The big 3-2 - - and yes, if you remember, I already turned 32 earlier this summer - I married the younger man - I always enjoy when he catches up to me in age.

Here, I dug out a picture of his younger years for you - - this is him in the MTC, a missionary center, holding a picture of me  :)  (yep, I'm too lazy to scan it in, so I just took a picture of a picture)

Last year I gave him a Rootbeer Sampler - it was a hit and he said something to the effect of, "you could give me that every year" - um, check.  That's what he's getting again.  That and an Xbox exercise game to work off the Rootbeer Belly.  But instead of driving all over, I just hit the organic section at the big new grocery store and scored several varieties - so that's your rootbeer tip of the day - check the organic pop section.... last year's sampler:


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Cute idea! And I take it you waited for him on his mission, how fun!

Also assuming you were dating before his mission. Very cool he took your picture with him! :) I marred a younger man too... Only a few months also... But because my birthday is toward the end of the year and his is in January, he likes to say that no matter what I'm always a year ahead of him... Stinker.

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