Easy Knit Skirt Tutorial

Happy 4th of July!!

Several of you are anticipating this tutorial – – well here we go!!

This was so easy – – when I embarked on “skirt week” I realized I needed more skirts.  I whipped this up the night before I wore it – maybe 20 minutes-ish.  So here’s the Easy Knit Skirt Tutorial, how-to:

First, you need knit fabric – it’s real stretchy and is tshirt fabric.  I love this green stripe I found at Hancock Fabrics.  Then you’ll need to cut 4 pieces:  2 waistbands and 2 main pieces.  For the waistband, mine was 6 inches (I think!) and then I took that strip and stretched it around myself to see how big it needed to be – it will be what holds the skirt up – I wish mine was a little tighter, but oh well.  For the main panels, they need to be bigger than the waistband, and then as long as you want your skirt – I wanted mine to my knee.

I didn’t measure anything – I just held the fabric up to myself and cut it – knit is very forgiving, so you’re not seeking perfection on measurements.

Gather the top of the main panels – that’ll make them match the size of the waistband:

Take the waistband and put it on top of the main panel (face-down, or right sides together).  Sew it along the top:

I used this “knit” stitch on my machine, the one highlighted.  Not sure if that matters or not….

Sew other waistband and panel together the same way.  Flip the waistband back up and then put the front and back pieces on top of each other, right sides together.  Then sew all the way down the side seams:

Now, with it still inside-out, fold the waistband down on the sides (as shown here on the right side) and pin into place.

Then, flip the skirt right-side out and on those waistband side seams, “stitch the ditch” (hope my mom is proud that I remember that term!).  Basically, you just sew down in the seam that’s already there to hold the folded waistband into place.  Since it’s on top of the side seam (in the ditch) you shouldn’t be able to see it.

Voila – that’s it!!  You could hand-tack down the waistband more, but who’s doing that?!?!  Wear and enjoy!

Use your extra fabric to make some matching skirts for your girls, cause that’s the fun of sewing!

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    Adorable and comfy-looking. AND you make it look super easy. I will consider this blog post a session of knit-therapy, banish my fear of sewing with knits and make a skirt like this! =) Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Awesome, I recently made a shirt like this, but I made the band fold over. I did realize that throughout the day the waist would “grow” and start to hang down a little, so along where the band meets the skirt I sewed in some elastic along the back side. It looks perfectly fine, it’s on the inside so no one sees it, and it stays on much better now!

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    I’ve totally been in a skirt making frenzy for my girls… now I just have to make one for myself! Knit is so forgiving, I could totally do this! Two of my FAV skirts are knit ones from Old Navy… might as well add to the collection!

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    Have you ever done pockets in a jersey skirt? I am wanting to make some knit skirts like my favorite comfy summer skirts from Target, but I really want pockets.

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    I love your matching mother daughter skirts! The girls look pretty thrilled with them:-) Thank you for the WONDERFUL tutorials– I just learned to sew, and yours seem approachable but look so polished at the end!

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    Hi Mandy, Many thanks for this tutorial. It helped me to overcome my fear of sewing knits. The skirt came out so cute. I used non-aerosol spray starch on the edges so the knit would not roll, and even lined it because the knit was very thin. I too put elastic in the back, and used a double needle for a very professional looking hem. I did not allow enough fabric for a nice full gathered skirt, but next time I can correct that easily. Now, I am in love with sewing soft and cuddly knits. Thanks again!

    • says

      it’s up to you, depending on how loose and flowy you’d like the skirt – – I think mine was just a couple of inches wider than my hips. Great question!


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