EZ View Craft Desk Giveaway – Ribbon Box

Hey everyone — awesome mid-week giveaway – wahoo!!

Come join us for a crafting celebration!

We’re celebrating with The Original Scrapbox.com with one of their most popular items, The EZ View Craft Desk (value $595.00 U.S. Dollars). This desk has a clear plexiglass top so that you can easily see all of your supplies organized in four different drawers with various compartments.
On July 15, 2011 we’ll give away one of these beautiful desks!

Check out the versatility of this desk, with “Design Your Own” Capabilities.

There will be 11 preliminary giveaways with a chance to win an entry into the Grand Prize Drawing for one EZ View Craft Desk.

Enter to win the preliminary giveaway of one Ribbon Box (value $19.95) and One entry into the Grand Prize Drawing for an EZ View Craft Desk in your choice of color.

If you are selected as a preliminary winner of the Ribbon Box, you will then be entered into the grand prize drawing held on www.RachelleWrites.blogspot.com on July 15, 2011. On that date, a random drawing will select a winner from all of the finalists to receive one EZ View Craft Desk (value $595.00 U.S. Dollars) in their choice of black or white.

*The contest is open to addresses in the contiguous United States only.

Giveaway open from Thursday July 7th- Monday July 11th at 11:59pm.

Giveaway Rules:
*You can only enter under one name
* It is possible to win more than one preliminary prize, which means it’s possible to be entered into the grand prize drawing more than once.
*All winner’s addresses must be U.S. (48 contiguous state) addresses
*You must complete the required entry to be eligible to win

Here’s how to enter:Please leave details in your comment of how you entered with required links (make sure your email addy is available).  Visit all 11 blogs for extra entries into this fabulous giveaway!

*Required entry: You must visit The Original Scrapbox website and leave a comment here on my blog telling me how you would organize your crafts with one of our products.

Extra Entries:

  • Follow ScrapboxUSA on Twitter and Tweet the contest with linkback in your comment.
  • Facebook the contest with linkback in your comment

You can enter the preliminary giveaways with a chance to win an entry into the grand prize drawing at the following blogs:

Modge Podge Rocks
The Original Scrapbox Blog

*Disclosure: I received free product from The Original Scrapbox to host this giveaway. All rules must be followed and correct United States address given for prize to be awarded.

    Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

    Thanks for Reading


    1. says

      I visited the site and I would want to organize with the build your own desk – I need to keep my sewing and paper crafts organized sooo badly! I also love the ribbon box, right now my ribbon is in a basket and a mess!

    2. says

      I love that EZ View Desk, I currently sit on the couch and bring all my things to me, this would make things MUCH easier! although I would miss the beads falling from my lap each time I stood up! :)

    3. says

      I love the sewing box with the collapsible sewing table. My sewing is done in the Dining room and living room, so being able to fold it all up when I’m done is awesome! Thanks for letting us now about that site!

    4. says

      Wow what a giveaway! I love the EZ View Craft Desk. How much easier it would be to do my crafts. I also like The SewingBox.

      remes_a at yahoo dot com

    5. says

      The Scrapbox is awesome, this would keep all of my stuff in one place rather than dragging out a bunch of stuff! Thanks for the chance to win!

    6. says

      I would love to have all my stuff in one place, right now it’s in two different places, upstairs and downstairs. Such a pain! Going back and forth all the time. I think I would get far more scraping done if it were in one place.

    7. says

      I just visited the website and was BLOWN away by the WorkBox. WOW. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it would be to have all my craft stuff together in one place and organized! So many great options on this website.

    8. says

      Wow I love everything on the scrapbox website. I love the idea that I can have a scrapbook area that can easily have doors shut to keep curious little hands away from my special projects. I could definatly use all of these products to store and see my millions of scrapbook items.

      summerscraps at gmail dot com

    9. says

      I now follow ScrapboxUSA on twitter and I tweeted about the contest. I tweeted about the contest but I am not sure how to link that here. You can check my post @summerscraps

      summerscraps at gmail dot com

    10. says

      I’ve had so much fun visiting all the site, blogs…commenting all over the place, linkback from fb and twitter, finding new fb likes, really an enjoyable morning! Makes me want to make something!

    11. says

      I need to organize all of my craft supplies, becuase currently I have things stashed in the guest room closet and I have to take things out in order to find something. I would love a scrapbox so I can easily find what I need and craft at the same place.

    12. says

      Oh, the wonderful things I could do if I had this table. I am the most disorganized – organized person there is. In my house, everything has to have a place, but getting it into that place is always a mission because it is usually inconvenient. The Original Scrapbox has sooo many wonderful solutions. Problem is, I want one for each of my hobbies. Scrapbooking, sewing & quilting, jewelry making, purse making, misc. crafting, etc. All I need now is the extra room to put them in. I’d also love to win your ribbon holder. I made a makeshift ribbon holder out of a box years ago. It’s time for an upgrade. :o)

    13. says

      I’m a fan of “The Original Scrapbox” on facebook. Wow it would be wonderful to finally have all of my craft supplies in one place, and still have an empty space on the desk to work! How wonderful it would feel to finally be totally organized, and have everything within reaching distance. I could have my stamping supplies on one side, and scrapbooking on the other. Thanks for making this available!




    14. says

      Wow! Such an amazing giveaway! I would organize my crafty and teaching stuff in my desk! They both seem to take over every table top I have in my home lol. Thank you for the chance to win!


    15. says

      If I could, I’d have the EZ View Craft Desk. I have the Workbox and the ribbon box, and this would finish my perfect scraproom! I would use the desk to organize my most used paper, my paper cutters, my Cuttlebug, my adhesives, my most used tools, my pens, and all of my most fun embellishments! It would make crafting SO easy!!!

    16. says

      I went to the Original Scrapbox website and I would use the EZview Desk to store my most used items.. glues, atg gun, sissorcs, pens etc under the glass area.. and my most used papers in the sides.. then use the top as my work space.. Ive wanted one of these for a long time! lol.
      Thanks for the chance to win!
      -Jamie Larsen

    17. says

      Ohmygosh that would be amazing! I would die for the sewing box. I could finally have a full sewing area again. I had to give up my craft room this year for our baby’s room. The EZ view desk would be amazing for my regular desk. I have so many other craft supplies that I could fill it with.

    18. says

      oh my! Thank you so much for this giveaway!! To organize I would get the ribbon box! I have ribbon all over! I really hope I win! Thanks!! Megnicholson08 @ gmail.com

    19. says

      I have tried so many different organizing strategies and this desk would solve all my problems! I would use it to organize my sewing, paper, and notions. I love this desk!

    20. says

      All of my craft supplies are being stored in a closet due to space issues, the EZ View Craft Desk would be perfect in the living-room so I could craft and spend time with my family without my mess taking over the house.

      I am a fan of The Original Scrapbox on FB

      Link to wall post for the contest – http://on.fb.me/nc9bF4

      email – squishykittie{at}hotmail{dot}com

    21. says

      Right now all my crafting supplies are in rubber maid containers. It is so hard to find what I am looking for. Would love to have the craft desk or even the work box to help me get organized. Going to add these to my wish list.

    22. says

      I would LOVE a CraftBox or desk or any of the Boxes! I’m redoing my sewing room and don’t have much space, but I have lots of supplies. White would be my fave ;)

    23. says

      I have to pinch myself because this can NOT be real!! SQUEE!! I would most love to have the desk or the mini scrap box, packs a lot of stuff, but doesn’t take up a whole room, which I don’t have!

    24. says

      Oh my goodness, what I wouldn’t do with a scrapbox! I’ve drooled over them in magazines, dreaming of organizing! I am an organizing nut case, so I would have soo much fun putting all of my supplies away in a scrapbox! I found out about this giveaway on Mod Podge Rocks blog. Thanks so much for the opportunity! ~Heather theoldesaltbox@yahoo.com

    25. says

      I would love the sewing box, my sewing table is always cluttered with projects and the sewing box would help organize things

    26. says

      Oh my goodness, this is my dream giveaway! I would totally order The CraftBox! I mean it has storage and a table and it looks pretty! This would be a nice change from the diaper boxes all my stuff is in now :) calvarese2 at gmail dot com

    27. says

      Right now all of my craft supplies is scattered and shoved where ever I can find space. I could use any of these organizers to keep things together and looking nice.

    28. says

      I love the Scrapbox in black. It would be great for all my paper, stamps, Cricut and so much more! And make my hubby happy when it’s closed up and gorgeous 
      Saw the contest on Facebook first: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=lf#!/TheOriginalScrapbox
      Which took me here: http://rachellewrites.blogspot.com/2011/07/ez-view-craft-desk-giveaway.html
      And then I’m blog hopping!
      I became a follower of your blog.
      I also shared the link on Facebook.

      Thanks for the chance to win! Tracy

    29. says

      The sewing box is phenomenal! I have 4 machines sitting on two tables. I’d love to put my embroidery machine and all the paraphernalia in the sewing box.

    30. says

      I would love some organization! I have a lot of sewing supplies, fabric, and tons of ribbon from all the hair bows I make, all currently sitting in totes and plastic bags. I could definitely use the help of a scrapbox!

    31. says

      Wow! That sewing box is amazing! I could see myself using that daily in my tiny dormer craft room. And the desk is so organized- places to put all the little things. Thank you!

    32. says

      Wow! I would love one of the EZ View Desks. That would really help me organize my craft room. Thanks for the opportunity to win!=)

    33. says

      I visited the site and would use the desk to organize my scrap supplies. My adhesives, embellishments, etc. could go on top, and my papers and ribbons can go down below and on the side :) I am also a fb fan!

      Emily (coolcricutcreations at yahoo dot com)

    34. says

      i would love the workbox – i don’t have the space to have a whole room devoted to my crafts so this would help to keep the space nice and neat yet keep all my stuff near. :D

      definitely want to win – you should be able to reach me via my email on my blog but i will leave it here as well!

      czglobicki at msn dot com

      this would be a dream come true!

    35. says

      I think the mini box is awesome. I am constantly getting up and down to go get another think I need for whatever I am working on. So this would be great to have everything right where I am working. Rachel at rjenson09@gmail.com

    36. says

      Being that my husband is in the military, and we move a lot, it doesn’t give me much space to keep my craft stuff organized and with in reach! My dream is to one day have a desk like this and have it all safe and organized! I so want this table!


    37. says

      I’ve been dreaming of a sewing box, but this desk looks pretty neat too! I sew, scrapbook & crochet so there is no shortage of stuff needing organization :)

    38. says

      I like the Paper Tower for organizing all my fancy papers for cardmaking because it offers a huge amount of storage space in a very small footprint.
      cat.naps at yahoo period com

    39. says

      Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

      The ezview desk looks awesome. Love the ability to see everything at a glance–tools, embellishments, etc.
      Great way to have everything put away but see where its at.


    40. says

      Such an amazing line of products. I’d be hard pressed to choose between the EZ View and the Sewing Box. I would pick it in the white for sure, just gorgeous!

    41. says

      My current crafting supplies are stored in my dining room cabinets. I would love to have a desk to be able to store and organize my supplies, and work on my crafts without having to cover the dining room table and work there.

    42. says

      Wow! This is just amazing and the timing is Perfect. I’m trying to get my scraproom out of the unfinished basement and share some space in the dining room, which we use 3x a day so my crafting space needs to be organized and contained. I showed my husband The Original Scrapbook and he said that it looks perfect!

      I visited The Original Scrapbox website and fell in LOVE! I would love to use the totes to organize by project, which is how I create, and still look stylish. And I think the clear top would help me use my stash more with the ‘in sight in use’ philosophy.

      1. I’m a Facebook Fan of The Original Scrapbox.
      2. I’m following ScrapboxUSA on Twitter and I Tweeted the contest.
      3. I shared about the contest on Facebook.

      Thanks for the chance to get out of the basement. =)
      Kelly Jo

    43. says

      I need several of the ribbon boxes. My giant stash is currently in plastic boxes completely disorganized and not very accessible. I could easily stack several of these on a shelve above my crafting table.

    44. says

      This would be perfect in my new craft room. I am about to move from the dining room to my own space and this is perfect for storing and organizing my sewing supplies. It is so pretty!!

    45. says

      I would LOVE the EZ View desk! I started working from home a month ago and am working at my dining room table (shh don’t tell my boss!). It was a brand new dining room set, the first we ever owned, and we only got to sit at it once before it became my “office”. I know my boyfriend would love to get the dining room table back so we can finally enjoy family meals together and if I won this desk we’d both get what we wished for! I would make 8 hours a day use of it so it definitely wouldn’t go to waste and you’d make our household a very happy one! I don’t have a twitter or I would follow/link TOS but I AM a fan on Facebook and linked back to the contest. I would really love to win this prize, it would be so incredible. – Christina Sullivan <3 christinasullivan11@gmail.com

    46. says

      I am a Facebook Fan of The Original Scrapbox and I also follow their blog. If I won an EZ View craft desk I would store all of my favorite embellies in it. Then I could admire them and my new craft desk at the same time!
      Tracy Casil

    47. says

      Oh, I would love to win this! I would also LOVE the sewing box! I’ve never seen it before. It would be perfect for organizing my sewing stuff.

    48. says

      I would love to win a EZ View Crat desk. I currently craft on a foldable party table. its not he best type of work space but it will do for now. I love the see thru table top. love the idea that i will beable to see my tools.

      I follow both you and Scrapbox on Twitter
      I liked both your fb page and the Scrapbox as well
      I follow both blogs and signed up for email updates! you have a great blog!

      Happy Crafting!

    49. says

      As a mixed media artist my art supplies can become a clutter. This desk would be a great way to not only organize but a nice work surface that will clean easily.
      cathyguitarteacher-77 at yahoo dot com

    50. says

      I LOVE organizational stuff so this was a bad website for me to go to! SO AWESOME! I love it all! I would love the EZ View Desk though…we are using our desk as a dining table right now so no room for all my stuff!!

      cherryvanilla222 (at) gmail (dot) com

    51. says

      I think I would have a near heart attack if I had the Work Box. It would fit in my living room or dining room and be heaven compared to my make-shift arrangement in my bedroom. One of those boxes would make scrapbooking so much more doable with our busy family.

    52. says

      My dear hubby would be so happy to welcome a SCRAPBOX into my house. I would be able to lovingly store all my inredible scrapand craft goodies and he would not have to look at them. He would only see the projects I sweetly created for him. Thank you for letting me try to win a SCRAPBOX!!!

    53. says

      I have been wanting one of these, would be perfect for finally organizing my card making a scrapbook supplies. Everything is in boxes under my bed right now, a horrible mess, lol!

    54. says

      First off, love your site, glad I found it and will subscribe!
      I would love to win this desk! I would use it for my Stampin’ Up workshops!
      I followed on FB
      I don’t twitter,
      I commented on original sitehttps://www.facebook.com/TheOriginalScrapbox?sid=809234b3fc8ff9697021a56e5f395191&ref=s
      I will follow and subscribe to you!
      Thank you!

    55. says

      I love these products. I want everything if only I had the money. If I could choose anything to start with, I would choose the sewing box to get all of my sewing things gathered together in one place. Thanks for sharing.

    56. says

      I would use the craftbox as my srapbook room. I do not have a space of my own. So, with this product I could tuck myself into a corner of my living room and work on my scrapbooks. Then walk away with a finished project and everything in its place. =)


    57. says

      Hi! My name is Pamela. I love the items from The Original Scrapbox. My family moved into our new home 2 years ago. And still, to this day, my scrapbook/sewing room has yet to be organized. So far, everything just sits in boxes and I have to go through them each time I need something. The problem: I don’t have anyplace to put anything. If I won the EZ View desk, it would help me to organize my projects and finally have a room that I can actually work in! This would be AMAZING! I have liked the Original Scrapbox page and Rachelle’s page on Facebook. I also have liked your page on Facebook and am now a follower on your blog.

    58. says

      I love crafting and have my hands in everything from scrap booking and paper crafting, to jewelry making and clay floral creations. I wish I could make creating and selling my stuff my full time job, but everything is so disorganized it definitely slows that dream down. The first time I saw the work box and the EZ-view I knew they would be a fantastic way to get everything all sorted out. I visit the site regularly to plot out how I would organize everything if I only could afford to purchase them!


    59. says

      I would so love to organize all my scrap materials with this EZView Desk. It has always been my favorite :)

      I already Like The Original Scrapbox on Facebook.

      And I follow your blog :)

    60. says

      Oh wow, they have so many awesome products!!! And this giveaway is amazing! I would LOVE the EZ View desk for scrapbooking and cardmaking but I guess if I was realistically thinking (or dreaming, haha), I’d have to choose the WorkBox, raised panel in Vanilla! I have soo much craft stuff and not a very big workspace. The WorkBox holds and organizes so much and could easily be closed when I have company over and they need to stay in the guest room. (aka my craft room haha)

    61. says

      I would LOVE to have either their Workbox or their EZ-view desk – what a wonderful way to organize my TONS of papercrafting supplies. One of my children recently moved out so I get to turn the extra bedroom into a craft room (yippee!) The Original Scrapbox has a wonderful array of useful and beautiful organizing furniture that would make my new crafting space spectacular :)

    62. says

      I would love the minibox or work box so I could use it for all my crafts and more. I’m an art student and I would love to put all my supplies there.

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