Gift Exchanging – and WhoopdWhoop

I participated in the Handmade Gift Exchange over at Craftaholics Anonymous - so fun to get to know another crafter a little better, and get a sweet surprise.  My partner was Shannon and look at the amazing hat she made me - I LOVE it!!  Can’t wait til fall – I have a feeling I will be wearing it alot!!

If you want to join in the fun, there will be another gift exchange in Novemember, so look forward to that.

If you want fun now, consider WhoopdWhoop – – it’s kind of like an exchange – you offer something handmade, some gets it, you get points (whoops) and you use those points to pick out something for yourself.

TRUE CONFESSION – I browse it often, and I pick something out just so I can get a package in the mail -

 – and guess what – everything I’ve gotten is even cuter in person.  I might be addicted.  I love grabbing things that are “1 whoop” – what a deal!  Or if the girls are standing around, I’ll let them pick something out.  Guilt-free shopping!  I tend to buy things that I don’t make much of myself – mainly jewelry and crocheted stuff.  Want to know what I’ve gotten so far??

Name value
Clara earrings 2.00 WHOOPS
Vintage flower creation 3.00 WHOOPS
Crocheted owl hat in pink and grey 5.00 WHOOPS
Single Flower Magnet 2.00 WHOOPS
Flower Hair Clip 1.00 WHOOP
Flower Hair Ties 1.00 WHOOP
Chunky Tiger Stripe Bead Bracelet Brown and Cream 2.00 WHOOPS
Bird Nest Necklace Pendant 1.00 WHOOP
Rainbow Yarn Wrapped Hoop Earrings 2.00 WHOOPS
Cute Matchbook Notepads 1.00 WHOOP
Cute Matchbook Notepads 1.00 WHOOP
Set of 5 button earrings – Multiple colors 1.00 WHOOP
4th of July trio 2.00 WHOOPS
washcloths 3.00 WHOOPS
Yellow Flower Hair Accessories (set of 2) 1.00 WHOOP
Adorable Flower Clip 1.00 WHOOP
Adorable Flower Clip 1.00 WHOOP
Olive Jade Dangling Earrings 1.00 WHOOP
Child’s Retro Hairband 1.00 WHOOP
Pink Pebbles Earrings 1.00 WHOOP
Birthday Party Garland 1.00 WHOOP

I think you might get 1 whoop just for signing up (I’m not for sure on that) – and then you get partial whoops for rating your purchases, referring friends, etc.  So, have fun – whoopdwhoop.

and just look what I’m wearing as I type – – they came yesterday – LOVE!!  Thanks DIYkindagirl!

Enjoy the weekend!

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    i love whoopdwhoop. i love making things for people i don’t know because i have run out of people i do know to make things for. my mom can only own so many scarves.

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