July 28, 2011

Hobby Lobby

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I hadn't ventured into a Hobby Lobby in a while, until several weeks ago when I was doing an I Spy swap and was looking for unique fabric... (so these pictures aren't actually the fabric I found, but they are of an I Spy quilt swap I was doing....)

(pics from here on out found on google)

Let me tell you, I was in AWE of that store!  first the fabric - so fresh and in style - -

The knob section - holy cow!!  I could spend millions on their knobs alone - -

Tshirts for all your crafting needs:

And the home decor is unbelieveable - I could browse it forever. 

I have put Hobby Lobby on my "stores to stop by frequently" list.  Even though there's not one in my town, it's worth the drive!  I'm excited to see their ad on my blog - so I can grab a coupon when I go.  Speaking of, here's Hobby Lobby Weekly Specials, so check that out.

How bout you all - do you love Hobby Lobby??


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I looooooooooooooove Hobby Lobby. It is my favorite store! :)

Hobby Lobby is one store that my entire family LOVES!! I love the fabric, home decor, and jewelry. WHile kiddos love paints, crafts and hubby enjoys the model cars.

Love Hobby Lobby. Could see myself moving in there - somewhere between the scrapbooking section and the yarn. :)

un, yes!!! it is probably me favorite store on this earth. my husband does not understand. :)

When I die I want my ashes spread in the fabric section of Hobby Lobby!

I have not been to a Hobby Lobby since 2000 when I lived in TX. But we JUST moved to FL and we have one NOW!! I've yet to get over there, but this post might just make me get there TODAY!!

I like Hobby Lobby for crafting and Jo Ann's for the fabric. My Hobby Lobby isn't all that great fabric-wise; but, wow! They sure are in the crafting supplies and more!

I love Hobby Lobby, but the closest one to me is about a 3 hour drive away :(

I just found your site and was a quick fan! Wondering if you would share the color of blue you used for your play room? I am pregnant with my 4th boy and would love that color in his room. Thanks!

I love Hobby Lobby because they are closed on Sunday.

Hi Mandy! I'm visiting from Be Different Act Normal, and I love your blog...you have such great ideas!! I'm your newest follower! (I also LOVE Hobby Lobby...I could get seriously lost in there!) Have a great day!


I'm a regular at Hobby Lobby. I go at least 2 times a week, but sometimes more! I know the cashiers on a first name basis, we have jokes, and I even and helping gather ideas for one of the lady's wedding!

It's about to be homecoming season.. That means I will be there like everyday, twice a day.

I love hobby lobby and always shop the ads because almost everything goes on special once a month. Like ribbon loves to be 50% off. And the knobs you love like to go 50% off too.

I love, love, love Hobby Lobby! The closest one to me is over 4 hours away though! SO obviously I rarely go!

Hobby Lobby is my main source for crafty items. I live in a small-ish town, so we're not special enough to have other fabric or craft stores. I LOVE the selection I get at Hobby Lobby. It doesn't matter if I'm working with cakes, flowers, fabric, yarn, paper, or wood, I can always find what I need!

And, like Kim said above, I also like that they're closed on Sunday. (Although being a last-minute unorganized crafter, I'm often muttering because I have to wait until Monday!)

My Hobby Lobby's fabric is pretty decent, not superb, but I think our Joann's is better. I have never, though, seen a knobs section. I'll have to look next time I'm there. It's obviously not as big as yours, otherwise I would have noticed it at some point!

I love Hobby Lobby. I just wish it was closer.

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