Homemade Ice Cream

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Today I’m going to talk about a great tradition that I married into – – my husband’s family is always making homemade ice cream – yum!!  So this year when we visited his family on our vacation, I was sure to pay attention – – 
First off, their ice cream is always so smooth and creamy – – some homemade ice cream is kind of crunchy, but not this.  Turns out you need a good thickening agent, and there are 3 choices (I hadn’t heard of using any of these – where have I been?!?!)
Eggs – you know, frozen custard has eggs in it.  So can homemade ice cream.  It’s best to use eggs when making something like chocolate ice cream, since you have to melt the chocolate on the stove, that way the eggs get heated.
Jello – – you know, jello thickens up itself, so it will thicken up ice cream.  This is best for fruit-flavored ice cream.  For example, they made raspberry icecream with real raspberries and raspberry jello as the thickener.
–Junket – I had never even heard of this stuff, but it’s made specifically for making ice cream:
There are tons of homemade ice cream recipes out there, and they love trying lots of different varieties.  Once it’s made, you pour it into the machine’s cylinder thing:
Put the top on, surround the cylinder in ice, and let it go!  Then voila, ice cream – takes about 40 minutes – –  
 The kids all LOVE making ice cream at home – – and all the adults remember growing up eating homemade ice cream, so it’s for sure memories in the making….
What is is about food that makes for such great memories?!? 

 I should have taken lots of pictures of everyone enjoying the ice cream – but let’s face it, I was busy eating my own delicious portion – -but here’s a few I happened to capture:
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    I love making homemade ice cream! I never thought about using rennet or jello though! I know rennet is used when making cheese, so I bet it is delicious in ice cream! My favorite ice cream book is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream book and they use eggs in all of their ice cream.

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    This is my family, too! Every summer my dad pulls out the White Mountain ice cream maker. Our favorite flavor is lemon. Goes wonderfully with lemon cake! Love how the kids always surround the machine :) That noise is definitely the background music of summer on Sunday afternoons!

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    Junket is specifically for making junket – just like jelly/jello crystals are for making jelly/jello! Using it for ice cream is an awesome idea though. I made a raspberry ice cream a few years ago using an eggy base, it was absolutely delicious and a saucepan-full was eaten by three grown-ups in the space of about a day and a half.

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