Hot Glue Messages

Did you know that you can write with hot glue??  Just use some sort of cardstock and write with your glue gun – fun, right?!?  Possibilities are endless.

I thought it’d look neat to write a message and then spray paint over the whole thing – I just never got around to the spray paint part.  Let me know if you happen to try that – I’d love to hear how it turns out!!

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    You could do something very similar with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. It might give you better control and it would certainly take care of the spider web strings hot glue leaves.

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    My mom and I are making a bunch of props for a community theater, including a fancy hand mirror. We used this technique to add texture and design to the back of the mirror! Super easy, cute, and fun!

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    I taught preschool and I did a name board every year for the kids. Same idea. Write their name the way they should write it. Then we use it to trace the letters with our fingers and do crayon rubbings:)

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