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Sometimes I write a blog post, and the actually project took like 5 minutes – those are awesome.  Long projects are awesome too, and I have several in the works.  But am I the only blogger who thinks it’s unfair that a project that takes weeks gets the same amount of post that a 5 minute project gets – crazy!

And crazy that I’ve been working on lots of things, super busy, but have nothing finished to show you today for a post – – that’s the curse of long projects

So, to give justice to all my longer projects, here’s an in-the-works post  – -

I got this dresser with a plan for a TV stand – – -

Then I decided to paint it yellow — shoulda done a couple coats of primer – – I’ve lost track of how many coats of yellow I’m on – maybe 8…..
Scored this amazing table from a neighbor who didn’t need something that big anymore.  Not too big of a project, but the whole thing needed sanded and stained:
This is actually a finished project – but the blog post isn’t!  Sometimes writing the posts take longer than the actually project, which is ironic….

I’ve had this quilt in my mind forever – – I took this picture back in April.  It really doesn’t take that long, it’s just sitting down to do it.  I quilted it all with stippling, and then I told myself I can’t work on anything else until I put the binding on – that’s all it needs, and then check, it’s done!

I am finally getting around to redoing my master bedroom – – I’ve been working on it all week – here’s a sneak peek:

And, of course, the ultimate long project  (it’s really Trevor’s project, not mine, but worth a post or two!)- – things are still coming along on our gigantic castle playhouse/shed – the back now has a deck and slide instead of a giant hole of doom in the side of the top floor…

What about you??  Any projects out there that just won’t end?!?!

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    oh wow! that’s a lot of projects!!! You’ve been a very busy girl.

    Thanks for giving us a peek at what you’ve been up to and what we can expect to see in the future!

  2. says

    Oh, and yes…we always have lots of projects in the works. Right now it is recovering our dining room chairs and refinishing the chairs and table (Craigslist finds), painting our fireplace, painting the hallway, getting our rec room organized and decorated…not sure what to tackle first!

  3. says

    You are busy! I love love love your bedroom paint. A lot of work I am sure but it is totally paying off! The quilt is adorable! I need to be brave one of these days and try quilting. Cute dresser! Can’t wait to see the finished product! Cute skirt! And the playhouse- WOW! I am sure your kids are in heaven! My kids would love it! YOU GO GIRL!

    Ashley @

  4. says

    I also have so many projects that are never ending. It’s starting to drive me crazy and I’m itching to get some done. I think I’m designating August for “get it done” month where I get as many projects done that I can. I can’t wait to see your bedroom, it’s going to look amazing!!

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    Wow! Lots of fun, big projects! I have a small quilt that I started. I even have some of the quilting done, but now it just sits. I really need to finish the quilting and then bind it. I hope to get to it before too long. And then there are always those projects that I’ve bought, but never gotten to yet. :) Thanks for sharing your projects you’re working on.

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    Wow, some cool projects on the way! I have some of those long ones too, including a chevron toy box I’ve been working on forever!! It’s just so hard to get outside to complete when it’s 100 degrees everyday :)

  7. says

    Right now I’m working on finishing my almost 4-year-old’s loft bed. That I started in early April. So yes… it will. not. end.

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