July 21, 2011

Ode to the old Homeowners

Dear previous homeowners - some things you installed were crazy, like teal carpet and a little bitty oven, not to mention your paint colors (don't worry, I'm fixing it for you) - - but I do have to say a huge thank you to all the glorious landscaping you've put in for us to enjoy.  Truly Lovely.  Fresh flowers always adorn my table, and they're amazing.  Thank you!!

The shot of them on my table on the Lazy Susan (what?!?! you've never seen my lazy susan - follow this link!)

And random side note photography tip of the day - - want a good picture?? GO OUTSIDE!!  in the shade is the best spot.  Or if you must stay inside, stand near a huge window.  See the difference in my above pictures - I knew making the effort to take the vase outside would pay off - that pictures is leagues above the one from inside.


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Don't you just love previous owners? & taking photos outside is a must!

Truly Lovely indeed! :) Gotta say I'm a little jealous of your HUGE backyard! All lush and green!

Photos outside are great, unless you happen to live in Scotland that is :-) I think we have had about 4 nice days in the last few months!! Oh to live somwhere where the sun shines for more than a few mins at a time!

Beautiful flowers! Now all I need is a green thumb to have some of my own! HA!

Those are beautiful! The previous owner of my house planted for color, lots of roses, crepe myrtle trees. But when it gets up to 105 out here, I sure wish that they had planted some shade trees!!!

New house = no landscaping! Ah well what are you gonna do. Love your lilies!!

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