July 9, 2011

Photo Glimpse - Flag Shirts

Remember last year, I told you that my mom buys the whole family flag shirts every year -- seriously - - here's a lookback:

And last year, since I'm too lazy to redo the collage:

And this year - -

We're not the only ones who buy these shirts, right??...


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You're a little crazy! LOL Just kidding . . . If I had kids, I would totally be doing this every year too.

My husbands family used to do it every 4th, each family had a different color. But they quit after more weddings. They ran out of colors haha.

I would have to say your current hair style is my favorite on you:)

Love it! And no your so not the only ones ;)

This year we got the red ones :) I love flag shirts! But the 4th is a favorite holidays, so... that's why!

Your husband is awesome, there is no way mine would ever put up with that.

old navy all the way! It is a great tradition.

when we were kids my grandma would buy us 4th of july shirts and now this year my mom picked up the tradtion we were wearing our flag shirts proudly this year!

We don't do it, but after seeing your collage, I might have to make this a new tradition starting this year :) I love seeing the timeline of your family, how everyone has grown and changed. We have 2 daughters, a 3 year old and a soon to be 2 year old, so this would be a really great idea for their scrapbooks :)

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