July 28, 2011

Star Struck

I'm over at A Girl and A Glue Gun today - - I'm all about calling Kimbo my crafting twin - - she's funny, I like to think I'm sort of funny - - she has quick awesome crafts, some of my crafts are quick and awesome - - she mentioned once that she's outgoing on her blog but in person not so much, and that's so me! - - she lives in Idaho, I visited Idaho this summer - - she has 3200 follower, I almost have that many - - we were both on SYTYC - - you know, crafting twin sort of stuff.  Plus, true to my mantra, I love people that like me  - - and she gave me this:

And I'm all over the place today - - you know, that famous blog, Be Different Act Normal - oh yeah, I'm there.


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You girls are too fun! I do think you are a lot alike! And two of my favorite blogs for sure!

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