July 15, 2011

Style Stitches Bag #7

Scroll down to see the other bags I've made from this book!  They're cute!

I haven't participated lately in the Sew Alongs for the Amy Butler Book because they really weren't calling to me.  But this month's was so easy looking, how could I say no!?!?


 It was simple construction and whipped up really fast.  My daughter needed a coin purse, so I was making it for her - of course my other daughter wanted one as well, but it was no big deal to make 2.  Cute inside (although I probably should have made it all pink in there so you can see things better).
 As suggested over at My Crafty Crap, I didn't include the pocket - what's the point in something so small?

I think she likes it!
 I find that if I want my kids to actually use/wear what I sew them, it helps to have them involved.  This time I picked out about 4 fabrics I wouldn't mind using and let them pick their favorite combo.  Of course, they both chose the exact same thing.  If I were a nice mom crafter, I would have embroidered their names on them like they asked - but I was lazy.  The zippers are different colors, though - so they can be told apart.

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Such a fun book - - Kate just made an amazing bag from next month's feature - - maybe I can talk her into blogging about it.....


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Those are so cute!!! I LOVE them and would be perfect for my very first link party :)) It's called
Show Me How!!! ~ Friday ~ Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials ~ No. 1 ~
It's going on RIGHT NOW :))
It can be a tip, trick, or a tutorial on just about anything!!
Even something you've made to sell!!! In a SHOP!! (GASP!!)
And feel free to link up as many as you want :))
I hope you'll consider attending!!

That bag looks prefect for your girls! If I make something for one daughter, I have to make the same for the other too.

Your bags turned out great! They really are a perfect size for young girls.

I remember Kate was wanting to make the Hobo bag, I hope you can at least share pictures of it!

that pouch is so cute!!! i got that book for mothers day so i think it is about time i whipped something up from it. thanks for the inspiration!

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