July 25, 2011

Tell Me Why.....

Social Media - - why?!?  Let me tell you - -

social media marketing
(um yeah, I can't even identify 3/4 of those buttons above....)

Blog Follower - - I don't have to answer this, because you're already here, but I will anyways - - this blog is AWESOME and you don't want to miss anything!  If you're a follower, you can automatically check this whenever I update through your google reader (I use the Next Button - LOVE IT!!) - you can get a google reader app on your devices if you like that sort of thing.  Also, you can follow via email by typing your email address into that box over on the right.

Facebook Fan - - I used to never "like" fanpages on facebook, but now I like a few and really enjoy seeing them in my newsfeed.  Anyways, if you "like" Sugar Bee Crafts on FB, you'll see sneak peeks of upcoming projects, features from Take-A-Look Tuesday, good deals I've come across, my favorites in craft competitions, etc.  It's like being part of an insiders club - - -

Twitter - - honestly, you'll have to tell me why on this one.  I just haven't grasped Twitter yet.  If you're a Twitter lover, I am on top of things enough that you can get Sugar Bee Craft blog post updates on Twitter, but I don't do anything extra over there - yet.  If anyone out there loves Twitter and thinks I should, feel free to try to convince me....

Pinterest - - you know I LOVE Pinterest - a great way to bookmark with pictures.  In a way it resembles Facebook, because when you sign in you see a "news feed" of sorts, of everyone else's pins - love seeing what other find interesting.  You can find all Sugar Bee Craft pins HERE.  Leave me your email address if you need an invite to Pinterest and I'll get one out to you....

StumbleUpon - - do any of you use StumbleUpon??  I don't use it too often, but occasionally the blog gets tons of traffic from there.  Basically you give thumbs up or thumbs down to things you like/don't like, and then it finds you more and more ideas based on your preferences - great concept for browsing with purpose.

Anything else that you LOVE that I'm missing out on??


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Mandy is a craft blogger who loves to blog and enjoys all things crafty, sewing, and DIY - she feels that if she can do something, you can too, and provides tutorials to help you along the way. She loves being a mom to 4 awesome kiddos and blogs from the Kansas City Area. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter or Google +

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i soooo did not get twitter...but now I'm addicted. I have had awesome convos with some amazing bloggers and totally became friends with some of my followers. i'm two thumbs up for twitter.

Iam also new to Twitter and am still learning about it. My understanding is that the big benefit is to be able to reach a LOT more people with one little tweet. If I like what you tweeted (posted), I could push one button to "retweet" it and it would go to all of my followers who may just go to your site. Still learning so I am sure there is a lot more to it than that... :)

I didn't know you had a twitter account! Following now! :) I really enjoy it. It's one of those places where you can pop off a quick question and get a quick answer. AND a lot of my traffic comes from sharing link and pics on twitter.

I have a silly question- How do you use Pinterest? I have not gotten the hang if it yet.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your party.

Jeanna @ dramaqueenseams.blogspot.com

I've never ventured onto twitter, it just seems like one more thing to add to everything else. I have Facebook, pinterest, and my blog taking up time in my day. I already feel like I have too much and don't need anymore. :). I haven't even seen most of those buttons before.

The circle with the different colors that looks like a lens opening is Picassa. It's google's free photo shop basically. I really like using it. I love blogging. Though I blog through blog lovin' instead of Google like lots I know. (I'd be interested to know the differences.) I go on FB all the time. I do enjoy Pintrest but I'm not nearly as addicted as I thought I'd be. Finally I agree with Amy. I have enough going on, and since I don't even text - Twitter is not my thing. Love your site, keep up the good work!

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