July 6, 2011

WIWW - fail

You'll have to give me a break - I was on vacation all last week!  I did remember to have Trevor snap a picture that first day of vacation - - so beware, this is after driving through the night across the country:

I thought it would be comfy to wear leggings in the car - which it was! - but I don't really have any tunic type tops.  So I wasn't quite sure what to wear with them - I tried to find the longest shirt I owned.  But I'm not sure it's long enough.

My mom happened to stop by before we left and greeted me with a "what are you wearing?!?"  - - that's always a classic!

So - what do you think - - should adults even be wearing leggings?  Do the shirts need to go past the booty?  I tied that belt thing on to make the shirt look longer, but it probably didn't work.....Thoughts??


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I think they look great, & you can pull a shorter shirt off when you have a great figure like yourself! ;) Comfy & Cute,.. can't go wrong with that!

I usually like a bit longer of a top but actually think yours looks ok! But I would leave the belt, don't think it adds anything and is a bit busy when paired with the v-neck and necklace.

the belt is to much, adults can forsure wear leggings! I like shirts that go at least half way down the butt, so that shirt is a fine length

Okay, first of all, you're too cute! And this looks cute on you, but wouldn't necessarily work for everyone. A longer shirt would have been better, but...

So I'd say, wear this while you can. :-)

Love your mom's response. lol

My mom greets me with that all the time so don't feel bad.

I am not a fan of leggings unless paired with a skirt or longer shirt...just my humble opinion. BUT I don't have your figure either!!

It really boils down to...what are you comfortable in?

I think it is cute and you definitely have the figure to pull it off! I would go for a longer top to hide my momma belly and booty. :)

Where I come from (tiny town in the middle of the Welsh valleys) this is not only a perfectly acceptable outfit, it's also super cute!
Leggings are really popular here at the moment whether you wear it with a tunic or a top. I'd say if you're happy then go with it and love it. If you're doubting it then you're going to look like you're doubting it and others will start to doubt.

*Runs off to find her neon pink tutu*

I think this looks great! You have a great body for this type of outfit as well! :) The shirt is fabulous and the whole outfit just works! :)

This is just my opinion but I don't think leggings work on adults unless they are under a skirt (and I don't mean a mini skirt either). Although it is quite common right now, especially in Utah.

I must be older than you (but I'm not that old!) because I remember the leggings-as-pants being trendy when I was a kid in the late 80's/early 90's, and it seems like most people who look back on it say "What was I thinking?!"

Again just my opinion, I feel like as women get older they should dress fashionably, but in classic ways and not be buffeted about by momentary fads.

P.S. That doesn't mean that you didn't look good in it! With your figure you can pull off a lot of things. :)

I think with a cute little body like yours it isn't as important as with a big buldging one like mine. But I do think it is more modest to cover the rump because leggings can be very form fitting. :)

You are so tiny so you can definately pull it off! I only wish I looked that cute after a road trip. You'll find me in my running shorts and a t-shirt!

I think adults can wear leggings! If you look in my past WIWW a couple of weeks ago you'll see that I wear them, and I'm in my 50's! Maybe I shouldn't wear them but I do, lol!

You are younger than I am, so you can most definitely rock them.

If that shirt was longer this would be a super cute outfit! I say cover the booty for sure.

You're so skinny, it works on you!

I'm with everyone on the fact that you have the perfect figure to pull this off! IT is SUPER cute! I like my shirts longer with my leggings but I am self conscious {had to google proper spelling lol} about my belly.
Looks very good and I love that your mom said that, mine has been saying that forever!

Hahahaha! You are adorable!
I think if your legs are skinny enough, you don't have to cover your booty when you wear leggings. And you pull it off well. :)
I love this series, by the way. :)

i'm a cover the booty type of girl too. because when you bend over sometimes....you can see straight through some leggings. just saying.

I like to make a decent attempt to cover my booty..I think that leggings are super cute on adults and you pulled it off nicely =>

I LOOOOOVEEEE leggings! It's a cute outfit!

Wear whatever you feel good in! I thought the shirt looked long enough. I think you're right, the belt helped make it look longer. When you mentioned you thought it was short I went to look again... okay, maybe a little short, but you use what you've got! Plus - this is your traveling outfit!? You look great.

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