WIWW – opinions needed, as always

As I mentioned, I’m really slacking in the “stepping it up” thing – – cause it’s hot out!  I did make the effort a couple of times, although as always I need your opinions on some stuff – – -

I think I dressed up to go buy fabric – which deserves dressing up for, right?!?  I got this dress on clearance at  DownEast – I don’t know if you can see, but there’s little beads all over it, so I thought it was a way to wear a tshirt but still be fancy.  I also am wearing the Cookie Lee Jewelry I got when there was that big sale – I really like it.  What is it about shorts that makes things casual?!?! – I think if I were wearing jeans this would be pretty dressy, but with shorts, it’s not quite there.

Trevor and I had a night on the town – eating with a couple of his siblings and their spouses, drug him along to one of my photo shoots, then ice cream at Crown Center, followed up with opening night at Harry Potter.  It was fun.  I tried to dress up my plain clothes and might have over-accessorized – the necklace and belt are both saying alot, and the earrings are pretty loud too – – thoughts on that??

And one more thing I need your opinion on – – I’ve had this dress 10+ years.  Since I’ve only worn it one way (plain) I can’t think outside of that.  Does that happen to you?  Anyways, I need some outside opinions - how should I be wearing this??  It’s kind of sacky, so maybe a bright belt? Cardigan?  Loud Shoes??

Thanks for checking out this post from www.SugarBeeCrafts.com – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    You look fabulous as always!

    I had a friend in the fashion industry tell me this quote once, and it has stuck with me: Think basics and when in doubt, use Coco Chanel’s advice – when your are dressed and ready to walk out the door look in the mirror and remove one piece of jewelry.

    Which means I don’t tend to wear all my jewelry at once – it is either a necklace or bracelet, or earrings and bracelet. Or if I am going to wear it all – I go for smaller earrings, etc. It has always worked for me!

    But all in all, I think whatever makes you feel good is what you should wear!

    AS for that dress – belt it up baby! Belt it up :)

    Love the WIWW posts…

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    I have only one piece of advice about that dress…hem that puppy!! It is way too long for your figure. It makes you look dumpy. Ok maybe two!…you need some bright colored shoes. Once you have it hemmed I agree with Jessica add a belt and minimal accessories and you are good!

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    I like your first outfit, it doesn’t look dressy but isn’t too casual IMO.

    And I think you pull off the second outfit with the belt and accessories. The belt is cute but if you feel it’s too much, I’d keep the awesome necklace(because you know I love jewelry) and not wear the belt.

    The white dress looks a tad long and a belt and cardi might look good with it?

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    First pic – I think the top can be dressed up or down, but looks fine with the pants you are wearing.

    Second pic – Remove the necklace. The belt and earrings are far enough apart that it would work.

    Third pic – I agree with the previous posters — hem the dress, belt it and choose lighter-weight or strappy bright shoes. Even unbelted would be cute if it’s shorter. I like simple dresses.

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    I also like the first pick but would get rid of the necklace in the second less is more. As for the dress it needs some color like a belt or a bright pair of shoes maybe a really loud necklace with color. You look great though in all outfits.

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    Cute as always! I maybe would have left the necklace off of the 2nd outfit but it still looks super cute! And I think a belt with the last dress would really make it come together…and maybe a colorful cardigan?

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    I really like the first top – pretty color and like the beads. Second one is totally great, but a bit heavy on the necklace. Third one, if comfortable, I’d use it for a summer nightie or save it for a trek across the Sahara. In other words, it doesn’t do anything for you, but could be useful. ;-)

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    I don’t think it’s the shorts, but the material. White bermudas would be great with that outfit. I would hem that last dress and wear some little flip flops.

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    ok, first let me quality everything by saying, you’d totally rock anything you wore :-) but, if it wasn’t for the belt, that necklace would totally look cool. it’s just that it’s competing with that belt.
    as for the dress – I don’t know why I totally like tops/blouses, and I think I’d cut off some from the bottom, but not too much and either A) make horizontal rows of semi-wide pleats at the bottom, or B) gather up one side and embellish with either one of your fantastic rosette clusters, or if you didn’t want to make it permanent, how about decorating with special beads on a large safety pin and gather up the bottom on the side that way? Of course, that belt you had with the necklace would totally work too. :-) btw, I’m in no way a fashion expert, and have a basket of “craft/sew fails” !! LOL

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    You are so pretty! I always love all your outfits! The necklace from your second outfit is AWESOME, but I think the belt takes away from that! Try wearing the belt with your dress, and shoes to match so it add lots of fun color! :) I have one kind of like that that I LOVE wearing because it’s just so airy and comfy!

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    The 2nd I would wear the belt and earrings OR the necklace, but not all together (I usually go for less big accessories) And agree with most of the others that the 3rd could be shorter and paired with a belt or cardigan for a fun look

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