July 20, 2011


Another exciting episode of What I Wore Wednesday - - is it just me, or do you agree, when it's hot, "stepping it up" a notch is the last thing I want to be doing.  So I haven't much.  A few things:

I tried wearing this skirt again a couple of times - - each I think it gets worse!  It's so comfy I want to make it work, but I just think it must be an ill-fitting skirt.  Oh, and ignore that gaudy flower in my hair - when I pick up random hair things around the house, I stick them in my hair so next time I'm in the girls' room I'll put it in there - but often I forget I'm wearing them.....

 I never showed you our cow picture from this year - or did I??  I can't remember, but if not, here it is - - so one day I was dressed like a cow all day (because I'm too lazy to change into a different outfit mid-day):

I whipped up this skirt - love it! - - now, to find time to write a tutorial....
 While on vacation I wandered into a DownEast Store (normally I have to catalog order) and grabbed this dress off the clearance rack - so comfy, and I really like the color and fit.
I wore it to church and flipped my hair out again since several of you said it looked good that way - - you were right because I got several compliments on it, and I loved it too!  Same do, totally new look - win win!

So, what about you - - are you still stepping up your style, or are you taking the summer off?!?!


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22 Fabulous Comments:

You look too good with this hair style and I love your yellow shirt.

LOVE the purple dress and the yellow skirt.
Maybe a longer length top with the grey skirt? It's the band around the top that bothers me. It's too wide. Maybe shortening it would do the trick?

LOVE the purple dress! And definitely love the flipped out hair. :)

You look adorable in the yellow skirt and absolutely stunning in that dreamy purple dress. I can see how it makes you "feel" amazing! The gray skirt may feel cozy but it dosen't make you feel as good as that purple dress. I would either take it to a stylist for some ideas or to Goodwill. I'm sorry to say it, but you are way too cute for that dark look. =)

I love the purple dress and flipped hair! The yellow skirt and green shirt are really cute too! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who usually doesn't have shoes on for my WIWW photos. :)

that purple dress is fabulous! looks so great and love the hair! also can't wait for the yellow skirt tutorial! maybe if you wore a longer top untucked so it would cover the waistband on that grey skirt it would work better. just my thoughts ;)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new purple dress! And your hair and necklace really make the outfit special!

As for me, I'm taking the summer off from "stepping it up"! ;)

That purple dress is soo cute!

You absolutely stepped it up! You look amazing in the purple dress and I agree with wveryone on your flippy hair, too cute! And I love the yellow skirt and I actually don't think the gray skirt looks too bad!

I LOVE the purple dress, and bummer that you have to catalog order from them. I have two stores by me...another thing to be thankful for!

You look great in that purple dress and your hair is super cute, too!

Wonderful outfits! Purple dress is fab! Would you like to link up to my Modest & Marvelous Link Party?

Purple dress- wow! and I love the bright yellow skirt, great job! I also have that first skirt you're unsure about. It IS comfy but hard to wear well. I haven't worn it in awhile for that reason. You inspired me to start doing WIWW. I just did my first one today and would love you to come check it out and give me your advice! :)

Your skirt looks so cute! Can't wait to see how you made it! :) Eh... hot weather and an equal dose of rainy days means not so much for me. Must do better! ;)

Ha! I do the same thing with my girls' hair stuff, and then forget it's there until my husband gives me a funny look. Sometimes I try to convince him that I'm wearing three barrettes and a flower as a fashion statement, but he never really believes it!

I love love LOVE the purple dress (like can I have one?) and the hair flip definately dresses up the outfit.

thanks so much for featuring my bench...it was a work of love....

I've tried stepping up my look several times, but I end up sweating myself out of it within the hour. Back to swimsuit cover ups and Royals shirts until it cools down!

Love the fit of that dress, your yellow skirt outfit is adorable and I like the grey one too. I wouldn't give up on the grey on yet.

Love the skirts and dresses!! (here from Pleated Poppy)

Hey! I saw you today and you weren't wearing that outfit. You were covered in paint.

You look really beautiful in the purple dress, very stunning.

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