Cookbook Review

Remember this cookbook I blogged about earlier this week, HERE??

Well, I have the PDF version – which is great, but I really wanted a printed version.  So I thought about sending the PDF to Office Max or wherever to get it printed – but I wanted it color and it’s over 50 pages, etc – I figured it’d cost me about $40 and I just didn’t think that was worth it.

Then I found out that a Hardcover Version would be offered – for only a $10 donation – – freak out, that’s awesome!!   I would donate $10 anyways, and to get a printed book for doing so is awesome.  So you GO HERE, click the Printed Book, which takes you to where you can click on the square that says “recipes to help” then click “create this book” – – then I had to create a username, and for some reason the book wasn’t in my cart, so I reentered and added to my cart – then you have an “edit” option, but I just clicked “preview” and “add to cart”. Then I just “checked out” my cart. Then filled everything out and “place order”.  Can’t wait to get it!

I’ve already tried out these bars that are in the book – de-li-cous!!!

And here’s my contribution, Furnkies, which are always a huge hit:

So, whether you want PDF or Hardcover (or both!!), head on over and grab yours for that small $10 donation fee to the Red Cross.  It’s a win-win!!

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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