August 3, 2011

Craft Party, thanks Elmer's! (oh, and giveaway!)

Elmer's Products sent me a whole craft party kit to try out.  My kind of fun - I LOVE crafting in groups!  So I had my 2 girls invite a few friends and we all had a super fun time.

The supplies came in this box - I enjoy super fun packaging, and it doesn't get better than a crate and burlap sacks:

There were 5 kid kits and one adult kit.  All set up and ready - - 

When the girls arrived, I took several pictures.  Individuals and group shots.  This was my favorite:

Then I immediately uploaded them to one-hour photo.  The girls started on their "summer memory boards" - write fun things they'd done this summer, decorate it, etc. I told them to leave room for pictures.  My favorite thing in their kits, the "glue spots" - little dots of sticky - - those were so handy!  During the fun of decorating:

Then after about 30 minutes the pictures were ready to be picked up.  I sent my craft helper Kate to grab them.  I think the girls really liked having pictures of themselves for their boards.

Finished fronts:
Finished backs:

So, why should we have all the fun - - you too could have a craft party!!  You could win one adult and two kid craft camp kits (winners must be U.S. residents).

To enter -- 

--just leave a comment on what your favorite craft supply is - - easy, right!?!

--for a second entry, you can "like" Elmer's on Facebook and then leave a comment here saying you did so

Giveaway will end Friday, Aug 5th, around noon.  Good luck!


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81 Fabulous Comments:

My favorite craft suppy has to be hot glue - I must have in my craft room

glue gun--hands down, the best crafty accessory!

I really love crafting with paper!! It is my fave medium!!

I'd have to say my cutter! I use it for everything!

sarah8914 at gmail dot com

I have to say my favorite is the scrapbook paper cutter. I don't even know the correct name for it.
Oh well. I can't do straight lines and this does it for me.

My favorite craft supply is embroidery floss.

I like elmers on facebook!

My favorite craft supply is fabric. I love using it but I could just collect it too!!

I like embellishments, flowers, glitter, ribbon, much variety and so much fun :) Thanks for the giveaway!

My favorite craft supply is glue! I Love glue!

I would have to say my favorite craft supply is need it for almost everything!

It's a tie for me between my glue gun and glitter as to what is my favorite craft supply!!

This looks like fun!
Favorite craft item? Hmmmm....I love my circle cutter...and my paper crimper....and glue dots...and glitter......

My favorite craft supply is paint! :)

My favorite craft supply is my scrap paper.

My favorite craft supply is paint & hot glue!

My favorite craft item is my hot glue gun!

I like Elmer's on Facebook.

My favorite craft supply is my hot glue gun. I use it for everything!

With a 3 & 4 Year old here, our favorite crafting thing is a glue Stick!!

What an awesome giveaway...this would be perfect since I'm planning on home "preschooling" my kiddos this year.

I gotta say that I love markers! I even use them for stamping. We didn't have good markers when I was a kid. (I'm old) However we did have Elmer's glue! And it was always the best!

I liked Elmer's on facebook. :)

thanks for sharin i am totally schedueling that into my week

When I'm teaching, my favorite craft supply is crayons and paper, because even if I don't have anything else, there is always something creative to do with crayons!

My favorite craft item is scissors.

Hummm gotta be the glue gun!

I liked Elmers on Facebook!

As of late my favorite crafting has been with hot glue! :) Gluing all kinds of good stuff together!

I'm 31-years-old and my absolute favorite craft product is GLITTER. You never get too old for the shiny stuff. ;)

Modge Podge is my favorite crafting supply!!!!

My favorite craft supply is fabric! You can do so much with it!

I like Elmer's on Facebook!

I can't big just one fav. craft item, but I do love hot glue.

My favorite craft supply is glitter glue. It's so fun!

My fave craft supply has to be modge podge - what would I do with out it?

Tough choice :) I'd have to go with Glue gun and fabric, so many possibilities!

Glitter. So messy, but so fun.

Glue gun... you can do so many different things with them...

I "liked" elmers on facebook

Thanks for the chance

I love crafting with scrapbook paper.

I only get to choose one? Right now I'm loving my new Silhouette.

I'm with the masses here...Hot glue, Baby!! Or spray paint.

My favorite craft item is my hot glue gun! I have 3!!


Hard to say, but I'd have to go with 100% wool felt! So soft and luxurious, a dream to work with and a pleasure to sew!

Love me some water colors!

So wishing I was a US Resident! Sigh. Canadian Resident with US citizenship doesn't count, huh?

My favorite craft supply is hot glue. Looove it!

I would have to say my mod podge or glue gun!


Fabric is my favorite... but I also love my hot glue gun!

Our family goes through a lot of it must be a favorite. However, what's glue without something to be glued? So, paper may be the favorite. Maybe it's a tie. ;)

A glue gun for sure!

I guess it would be my seam ripper, even though I wish I didn't have to use it!

I like Elmer's on Facebook!

My favortite craft supply would have to be finger paint! But I suppose that's only because my little girl just loves dipping into that goopey paint so much.

I'm a nut for the glue gun. And a GOOD scissors!!

My favorite craft item has to be glue dots. they are so easy and quick!! Also I like elmers glue on facebook: Dallin N; Alicia Seeley!!!

I love glitter!

My favorite craft supply is glue dots, and I am out of them.

i love my hot glue gun like a best friend:)

I think its my glue gun! Thanks for the giveaway!

One of my favorite craft supplies has to be my glue gun! There isn't a project that goes by that is either mine or my kids that we don't use it :)

I "like" Elmer's on Facebook (Veronica L) Thanks


My fave crafting item is scrapbook paper, followed closely by glue and glue dots.

I like Elmer's on Facebook!

I like hot glue.

I like elmer's on fb.

Scrap paper would have to be my fab

The miller's

i like elmer's on fb. thanks!

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