August 5, 2011

Grandmas' Day Camp - Day 1, honey and hikes

I was going to write up the post, but why, when I can just steal it off my mom's blog.  If you ask me, the best thing about day 1 was that they all came home with a jar of honey (me = 4 kids = 4 jars of home honey goodness).  Anyways, the guest post from my mom (who doesn't even know she's guest posting....):

The fun never ends at Grandmas' Day Camp, but my energy does. We painted our t-shirts, decorated visors, went on a nature walk (to identify wild flowers), sang songs, watched part of a movie while eating popcorn, but the biggest event was harvesting my honey. I didn't know what I was doing, so this year I got about 30 pints. Next year, 2-3 times that. So here are some pictures of the fun.

I give up trying to get these in order. Here's how the day went:
Gathering, flag ceremony, singing, t-shirts, nature walk, visors, lunch, honey harvest, movie, flag ceremony, singing.


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That sounds like so much fun. How big of property do your parents have to be able to raise bees? I would love to learn how to harvest honey!

Wow! I want to come to your house for day camp! What fun!!!

such a fun what memories you made!

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