August 5, 2011

Grandmas' Day Camp - Day 2, paper mache pigs, etc

Again, the post from my mom - - - I did throw in a few side notes for you....

Grandmas' Day Camp - Day 2

 It was a hot, bright day. We started with the pledge.
Of course sing invovled Rutti-tute.

The big craft of the day...papier mache pigs.
  (Side note from me - - a quick how-to - - blow up the balloons, tape egg carton pieces on it to make feet and a snout, dip strips of newspaper in a flour/water paste, and cover the balloons)

The second table of kids.

Emmy gets into the fun.
Will avoids the actual work.

Reed doesn't like to get his hands dirty, but he had to.

Abby cooling off.

I need to take lots of meds.

Fixing pig problems (they needed more goo strips to cover blank spots).

Making brownies . These were the best. Everyone had chewing crust and gooey insides.
(Side note by me - - when I picked up the kids I had one of these - I had never thought to make brownies in a muffin tin but they were yummy and the perfect size - I snapped a picture)

This map kept the younger ones entertained.

Jocie and Emmy learned how to finger-weave.
(Side note - this brought back so many childhood memories!  I snapped a picture of this too when I picked them up)

Reed chilled watching Earnest Goes to Camp.

Two more days to do - - stay tuned!


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Here's a warning about brownies in muffin tins, especially mini ones- they are addicting and if you ever make them for someone they will be requested A LOT. You will be known for nothing but your brownies. :)

O.K.,O.K. I am laughing out loud. What a great grandma you are, or should I say brave! I don't know if I could keep up. I'm having a sleep over at my house tonight with my 2 grandsons and I'm wondering how that is going go. I look so forward to the installment. I loved the picture of you needing meds!!!

This is AWESOME! Loving that they start with the pledge!!! :) Very campy!

Kids would surely enjoy their camp if they would be learning various activities to make their vacation enjoyable. Creating paper mache is one of the best thing they could do. They could recycle by shredding Austin papers in to strip to make it a lot to place them them in the balloon. It would be a fun-filled experience that they could really treasure.

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