Grandmas’ Day Camp – Day 3, camp chairs, museum trip, pony beads

I love stealing my blog posts – – so easy on my part – – but for anyone out there thinking of it, don’t steal my blog posts!  Anyways, here we go, Day 3, from my mom:

Day number 3 of Grandmas’ Day Camp.   flag ceremony.
Emmy brought out the flag.

Everyone saying the pledge.

We made our camp stools.

We should have made one, so we could have corrected the design.

Will isn’t too sure at the beginning of the day.

We did get them all put together.
(Side Note, they used the tutorial over at Simple Simon & Company for Camp Chairs – my kids love theirs and use them all the time – even in front of the TV, which doesn’t seem the most comfy option, but whatever – I’ve got a picture of that for you)

Back to the KC Museum. It was garden day. All the songs were about gardens and nature.

Camp songs are everywhere.
Then we made flowers.
(Out of order singing.)

Crafting is right up our alley.

All the floweres made.

Coloring with pastels.

Back home for movie time and snacks. Will’s specialty.

The pigs are still wet.

Making frogs out of pony beads.

The older 5 got the hang of it.

Deep concentration.

Yea!!! Another fun day is over.

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