August 5, 2011

Grandmas' Day Camp - Day 4, painting pigs, skating

A final post from my mom-

Grandmas' Day Camp - Day 4

Day number 4 - the last day. Will and Abby were the flag ceremony people.

Leading the pledge.

Painting the pigs.

Everyone was excited that they were actually looking like pigs.

It wasn't too messy.

After pig painting a refreshing stop for cheap slushies.

Then on to the temple site. Using binoculars they could see the Angel Moroni up close.

Rolling paper beads. Much like basket-weaving for Jennifer.

The other group was doing who knows what.
Abby insisted in learning to finger weave. Jocie and Emmy are ponybead experts.

Decorating the pigs. After putting on the eyes Will said, "Evil Dr. Porkchop".

The pigs drying. We should have used markers instead of puff paints. The activity was called on account of paint everywhere but the pigs.

Skating was the closing activity.

We had a bunch of beginners.

Emmy went around several times.

The end of Grandmas' Day Camp! We need better cameras.

(side note from me - they DO need better cameras!  I got a few shots at the skating rink when I picked them up- my mom even skated!)
worn out from the fun!!


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It cracks me up that your mom had them doing a flag ceremony every day! Grandma's Day Camp looks like a ton of fun! I'm thinking I should suggest this when my kids are old enough...I could get so much done!

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