Grandmas’ Day Camp – Hands On Fun Shirts

My mom is awesome – – her and my aunt get together each year and host “Grandma’s Day Camp” – so for a week in the summer, they take the kids from 9am-3pm and entertain them with all sorts of fun.  Today I’m going to try to recap some things they’ve done this year.  This is the reason I was able to repaint my master bedroom – kid-free!

To start off, they made shirts – the theme was “Hands On Fun” so I used my Silhouette to cut head transfer for the front, then they all put handprints on each others’ shirts.  Fun fun.  Hands on fun, that is. They also made visors to match:

Stay tuned all day long for various crafts – – but let me leave you now with a video of singing camp songs, which they do to start each day (this is day one, so they’re still using the songbooks)- only 20 seconds:

um, just kidding about leaving you with that – – here’s another one I dug up from 2009 – it’s funnier, but watch out, Grandmas are teaching “profanity” towards the end….oh, and look at my baby in the corner dancing with Kate’s help – he was so little!

To reminisce, the first Grandmas’ Day Camp was held the month we moved here, back in July of 2008.  Here’s a quick post from my family blog, of why we moved back home – -

What it’s all about

We’ve had several people ask us why we moved. We had it great in Wichita – Trevor enjoyed his job and there were lots of opportunities for growth, we loved the town and the church ward and the great friends we made. But we have always made being close to family a priority. When we moved to Andover we set a 5 year goal to move back closer to family – and so come 4 1/2 years we took steps to accomplish our goals. We both grew up knowing cousins and grandparents and wanted the same for our kids. It’s been great so far. And things like this, that’s what it’s all about. This week my mom and aunt hosted “Grandma’s Day Camp” – all week I’ve dropped my kids off for a few hours, and they and other cousins get to paint, put together crafts, play, etc. Today they each came home with their own giant cookie – Abby had a mini-version, and she insisted on carrying it everywhere – when I loaded her into the car, I had to pick her up with her holding the pan – she wouldn’t let it out of her little hands until she got to eat some of it. Anyways, if we weren’t living up here, we’d be missing all this fun!

Thanks for checking out this post from – – click on over to read it in its entirety – you’ll love it!

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    What a great idea… and how lovely for the kids to spend that time with their grandparents.
    In our family we would always gather for a family roast lunch/dinner, every sunday at my Nanas…. now our family is spread far and wide… however we have a goal like you did, to move closer to my mum, so that we can continue that tradition for our kids :)

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