August 1, 2011

Knotted Headband with tshirt yarn

I think tshirt yarn is perfect for a knotted headband!  I even have a quick video on how to form the knot.

knotted headband from tshirt yarn - a how-to tutorial
knotted headband from tshirt yarn - a how-to tutorial

I think we've all seen that fun Knotted Headband by You Seriously Made That - - here's a refresher:

Cami did a great job and I followed her tutorial for the "knot" part of the headband.  So go there for that.  But instead of crocheting long strands, I used Tshirt Yarn.

If you're wondering how to make t-shirt yarn, just cut strips from an old tshirt (mine were maybe 3/4 in wide) and then pull on them til they turn in on themselves.  Sometimes the tshirts won't roll in on themselves - I've had this happen a couple of times.  It just depends on the type of knit fabric they're made of - but most should roll in to form a "yarn".  I cut 4 strips and sewed  them together so I had 2 extra long separate strips.  That easy.

Want to see my video tutorial on how to make this knot??  Check that out here: Knotted Headband Video Tutorial

Views from my 4 year old photographer:
knotted headband from tshirt yarn - a how-to tutorial
And a weird self-portrait-in-the-mirror, trying to show the headband:

UPDATE:  I finally got around to taking a semi-better picture.  Let me tell you - headbands are really hard to take pictures of!  Anyways, I love the idea of a headband topping of a messy bun - it makes it just right:
knotted headband from tshirt yarn - a how-to tutorial
knotted headband from tshirt yarn - a how-to tutorial

I think it turned out great and I enjoy the subtly of the gray.  Since tshirt yarn is stretchy, I just sewed the ends together and covered them with a scrap, instead of the hot gluing to ribbon like the tutorial.  Here's the connecting part of mine:

Super quick and easy.  And comfy to wear.  You should try it!

Knit T Shirt Headbands are so great to make and wear - I've made a bunch of other different styles, so head to that post if you're interested in other options:


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cute! Your 4 year old takes pretty good pics.

That is SO CUTE! Well done!

That is so cute! And it seems easy enough to do! Your four year old takes great pics!

Love it! I really want to wear a fancier headband than my workout one and have been too nervous to wear flowers. This is perfect!

I love this... now to find an old tshirt somewhere... hmmm!

Love this. It turned out great!

Hi Mandy!! I'm following from the Sew Chic Week! I love your skirt...too cute!!

Make sure to link up some of your upcylced projects too to join in and maybe win :)

This is so adorable! I really love it! Way to recreate that tutorial. Cant wait to try it... today!!!

Mandy - I've been seeing this around the internet a bunch, and I have to say I think I like it with the t-shirt yarn the best! Thanks for sharing the idea!

thanks for sharing. My kids were at the neighbors and called to stay an extra 15 mins. I had it done in probably 5 or 10 mins start to finish.

Great idea!!!

Love this headband!! Great job! :)

I have been needing more headband inspiration, this is so cute! Would love for you to link this up at my party HERE if you have time! Have an awesome Wed!

All of these headband tutorials lately make me really wish that I looked good in headbands! And this one is certainly a favorite. I love the recycled element of this project, and the knot truly is great!

Thanks Mandy!

Stephanie from Make Home Make Sense

I've got to make one of these! Your 4 yr old is an amazing photographer!

love this very nice perfect for casual days perfect for summer and year round thanks for sharing
come see me at

I love how yours turned out!! Recycled T-shirts are a great idea! I appreciate the link back :)

Love it, love it, love, love, love it. Lots of headbands hurt my head and I end up taking them off in a couple hours, but i bet this one would be perfect. Thanks for linking with DIY under $5!

This is super cute! I like it better than the original. :)

How cute is this!? I love it! I have saved two big bags of giveaway clothes that could be upcycled into something new and fabulous...I think I need to pull a t-shirt outta there for one of these headbands : )
Jaimee @

How crazy... I just thought of that last night and I was going to make it today. {of course... I had forgotten...} then I saw this pin on pinterest!

Super cute!! I have so many old t-shirts around and love new headbands! Perfect!

Ooo, love it! Definitely pinning this. :)

I love this. I just found a bunch of old shirts that I've been waiting to upcycle. did you figure length with tees when the original is by chains?

I posted your headband on my blog for Friday Favorites!

question: since the crochet tutorial talks about chains and not actual length of the strands could you tell us how long your t-shirt pieces were?

Very cute! This is on my to-do list and pinterest list :)

Desperate Houselife

I love it!

I must make one of this PRONTO!

I featured your headband on my blog today... Thank you for sharing!

I've found myself very interested in T-shirt projects lately and this one is no exception! I'm your newest follower!

Love it! Better than the crocheted one for sure!
I want to make one, but have no idea how long to make the t-shirt yarn pieces. How long did you make yours?
And which direction do you cut the shirt? to bottom?...or across?...does it matter?
Thanks! Can't wait to try it!

great question Erica - you can google "how to make tshirt yarn" and get tons of tutorials, but bastically you cut strips across the shirt bottom in about 1 inch widths. Then you stretch/pull on that strip and it will curl in on itself and look more "yarnish" than "fabric-ish". Good luck!

CUTE cute cute! Making this tomorrow FOR SURE! And just how exactly does your 4 year old take better pix than me?! Haha.

Super cute! I have oodles of T-shirts in need of a project! I loved it so much I featured the post on my blog at (hope that's okay!)

Too cute! Thank you for sharing!

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