August 25, 2011

Minnie Outfit, hairclip - and labels!

 I think most of you know you I have an embroidery machine.  Occasionally I get commissioned to sew for others.  This one was too cute I had to show you - it's for Miss Daisy's 2nd Birthday - she loves Minnie Mouse.

I love the hairbow clip thing - it's just 3 rolled fabric flowers, hot glued together.  Why didn't I think of that for my girls' Minnie Outfits?!?!

What I really love is my tag!  This is the first opportunity I've had to sew with one - so fun!  I used the instructions at Sew Kate Sew to print my own fabric with my logo repeated zillions of times.  Then I just cut it out and sew it on - awesome!!

I just love being able to make my own Minnie Mouse Accessories and outfits - much cuter (and cheaper) than the ones you can buy!


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That clip is so cute!! You are so creative, this is going to be everywhere now!

Everything about this outfit is so cute!

I absolutely love it! Is an embroidery machine the same as a serger? I have to pay for my embroidery but I don't get it done often enough to buy a machine.

i love the hairclip! we are going to disney in a month and this is now on my to do list!!! thanks for sharing!!!

I love this & the other one you posted as well! I had to share this in my "things I like thursday today", here's the link:


I love it! We are having a Minnie Mouse 2nd birthday party in a few weeks. I also made my little one's outfit ( Your hairbow is super cute!


Turned out super sweet! :)

Awesome!! I loved the hairclip - great idea! And the tag is too cute...

How much would you charge if someone wanted to buy this? Or do you even make things for others? It is SO cute and i can't sew at all :(

Looks adorable, how would I go about buying a set as a gift?

Thanks for asking Theresa - I'm not selling sets at this time. I would suggest trying and just searching minnie mouse. Good luck!

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