My Friendship Maker Review

My Friendship Bracelet Maker tween craft toy

I don’t think Friendship Bracelets will ever go out of style – don’t you remember them when you were younger?  And they’re still all the rage!  I get lots of things in the mail lately, and one day my girls are like “why isn’t it every anything for us” as they were helping me open the box – but inside was the My Friendship Maker – so their wish came true!
We’ve been using it alot.  I could make a friendship bracelet without this holder tool, but it’s so much easier with it.  Plus my 6 year old can make them with the holder tool, and I’m not sure she could otherwise.  I love how the extra strings store inside of it – that’s so handy.
So you know how the first of school outfit has to be just so??  Well, check out the up-close picture – yep, she had to wear friendship bracelets to complete the outfit:

Here’s another model – she loves them too!  This one I made with a fancier “v” shape.

This is the standard way to make them, so my daughter made this fun rainbow one:

I love how the My Friendship Maker is portable – everything is contained.  We took it on a long car trip and it was a perfect activity to do on the drive.  I swear I took a picture of her while we were traveling, but I can’t seem to find it….

But here’s one when she’s working on it at home:

 It was fun to review the My Friendship Maker – really, head over and check it out!!  You can buy it at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or a variety of places – just check their website.

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    We have some of these bracelet kits but they all have the foam circle things. I haven’t tried the circle way yet, this one looks so much easier!

  2. says

    This would be a great idea! It sure would save me from having to hold the ends while the kids weave! And it would cut out the taping of threads to my coffee table when I am not there!!!

  3. says

    I remember using a safety pin to tack it to my sock to hold it in place. These were never my strong suit when I was younger….I wonder if I’d be able to do it now – I always liked them and I’m always up for an easy craft :)

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