August 6, 2011

Photo Glimpses - Cicadas

Remember, each week I'm sharing pictures of the non-crafty side of life - enjoy...

Do you have Cicadas where you live?  They are bugs that you know by their sounds at night.  Well, they also leave their shells behind when they grow (check out wikipedia  -there's a creepy time-lapse picture of a cicada emerging...) - if you know to look for the shells, they're everywhere.

 My 8-year old son knows to look.  He finds them all the time when he's out playing.  He will wander in with them stuck on his head or try to stick it onto your back unsuspectingly.  Well now he has a new trick - strategically placing them throughout the house....I've taken pictures of a few of them for your viewing enjoyment...

by the phone:

 On a pile of my crafting stuff:

Hanging on the blinds:

Ready for an unsuspecting email check:

A few days after I started finding them, he had to comment "hey mom, have you noticed that our house has a bug problem lately?"  Boys are so funny......


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I use to sell them to other kids, back in the day!!!! We have them here but not as bad as usual. I think it's because of the heat. Thanks for sharing.

Eww! I think he'd have me screaming like the girl I am every time I found one! Probably why I always wanted girls! haha! We all go running and call for daddy!

Gross!! I hope those are just the shells and not the live bugs!!! Yuck! Boys can be so gross!

{shudder} But it's hilarious! I'm finding out just how much fun boys can be (I had girls) with my grandson. The difference amazes me.

Nashville had the attack of the cicadas this June, what a mess!!! Yours look totally different but equally as gross!! Good luck battling the invasion =)

I am just west of Nashville and we didnt have any but Nashville had a ton! I had one fly right into my forehead! eeep!

hahaha - That is so funny. That is just the type of thing my son would have done, back in the day. I actually found one the other day and put it back to show my granddaughter. Do you think she'll like it?

that bug would scare me to death. I think it needs it own bedroom

I would absolutely flip a wig...I hate bugs!! I cannot imagine!! BUT if I had the courage I would so do this to my daughter!!!

Lol! Although I dont think it would be so funny if it was my son doing this to me. :) I do think my 8 year old would get a kick out of this though.

Gosh, this really takes me back! I grew up in Austin, TX and loved going over to my Mamaw's house to collect the shells. I don't know why I thought they were so cool, but I couldn't get enough of them. I loved sticking them on my back for them putting crawdads in my hair! Lol.
Loved this post. : )
I really miss the sound of them at night.

Oh My! We do not have these here in Denver. Ooh that creeps me out! What a boy. Hahahaha.

Kara thought this trick was HILARIOUS!!!

I grew up in Oklahoma and used to love to take these and stick them onto my shirt like it was a fancy brooch. The legs of the shells were just prickly enough to stick to clothes. Now I'm all grown up and hate bugs and even their shells, but I never got over my love of gaudy jewelry... my tastes are just a bit more refined today :) Thanks for this post! What a hoot!!

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