August 27, 2011

Photo Glimpses - tape

Remember, each week I'm trying to give you a glimpse into my non-crafty side, via photos - - 

What is it with kids and tape?!?!

It can't just be my kids - don't they all have a thing for tape??  We are always out, unless I hide it away.  Apparently everything needs layers upon layers of tape, even faces....


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I laughed out loud at this! I have to hide the tape from my kids too. Faces, 2 sticks, legos, tiny pieces of paper, hands, legs, EVERYTHING gets covered with tape:)

hahaha - Gotta love it. Wonder what was going on in her mind?

Oh man this makes me smile! I hide our tape from the boys too! I've resorted to tearing off pieces of the free USPS tape for him to play with so it's not such a big deal! He's only a few times put it on his skin, but whenever I'm missing something, I start looking around for hidden taped "machines" that they've become part of! Motherhood Rocks :)

They are simply attracted to it! I always gave mine their own tape in their Christmas Stockings, but it was never as attractive as the tape in mom's desk drawer. Never did figure that one out. One of the joys of going back to the office to work as they got old was my very own scotch tape. Thanks for bringing back happy memories.

I have to hide tape too! I get all kinds of "presents" made from it if I don't!

I was JUST wondering TODAY if I was the only one with tape-addicted kids!

I guess it's like a giant roll of stickers?!?

Ha ha ha - I had to hide the elmer's school glue. My three LOVED to paint their hands with it, let it dry & then peel it off! Go figure!

I was one of those tape-addicted kids...and I must admit I still am quite fond of tape. :) Which is probably where my daughter gets it. When she was 4 (last year), she taped (on all edges) her art work to the wall. Weeks later when I went to remove it...found out why she taped all the edges down...b/c the glue stick didn't work! Argh! BTW, if you scrub enough, dried glue stick does come off of walls. ;)

So it's not just mine?!!! I caught my son with some today!!

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