August 1, 2011

Royal Design Studion - Stencil Giveaway

So remember last week, when you were oogling the awesome stencil I used in my master-bedroom-in-progress and wished you had one.  Maybe you bought one?  Maybe you need another?  Anyways, you read that right - it's giveaway time, from Royal Design Studio!!

Let's gauwk at some of the amazing things they have to offer....

Well, yeah, I need another stencil!  They're all so great. 

On to the giveaway - - for your chance to win any one stencil, $50 or less, with free shipping with the U.S.

Easy entry - - just do one thing (which you were going to do anyways!) - check out Royal Design Studios and browse their amazing stencils. Come back here and leave a comment stating your favorite stencil and where you'd use it.  

That's it!  Giveaway ends Friday, Aug 5th, around noon. Good Luck!


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113 Fabulous Comments:

WOW how cool are all those stencils! I really like them all I really love the Paris postage stamps and the circles. My fingers are crossed!

Kind of impossible to choose - but I've been eyeing a couple trellis patterns from the Moroccan collection for a while!

I would have fun choosing one for sure! I would love to win this awesome contest! I like the Casablanca trellis, the springtime in Paris, or the Morrocan inlay! I would live to try stenciling on my bedroom or bathroom wall and most definitely on some furniture!!!
Stacey of Embracing Change

I love Royal Design Studio and would like to get the Small Cheiz Chic stencil for my bathroom OR for my craft room. I'm still undecided as to the location :)

I love the endless circles lattice and have been wanting to use them on some double doors that "hide" our playroom.

I really love the look of sstencils! Easy to do and easy to change. Large Acanthus Damask is my favorite but for my living room space it would be the Ribbon Lattice Allover. Heck I think I could find something to do with each and every single one!

I love the large curved connection. Would definitely use it in my master bedroom. :)


wow that was a lot of great stencils to go through. I think I would pick an allover production stencil though since we are painting our house in the next month or so and I really like the large brocade and the pro foliate damask - hard to choose between the two...

I love the springtime in paris set! I would use it in my craft room....someday when I get a craft room....sigh.

I am in love with the endless circle stencil!! I think it would look great in my kids bathroom.

I love the Lisboa Tile Allover stencil!

I love the Casablanca Trellis and I would use it in my entryway!


The casablanca trellis matches a design I've already used in another part of my house with vinyl so I think I would choose it to decorate a wall! :)

I would definately get the large japenese flower.

I am dying to try a stencil!! I am undecided as to which one though. I think I would go for an entire wall in my living room. And something geometric. Maybe the trellis. Or damask. I promise I would decide if I won!! :)

I love the casablanca trellis!! So cute!

I like the rose stencil but i really like the arhicus(sp?) trellis. I would use it in my bedroom. Thanks so much for the chance.


Awesome giveaway! I am in dire need of some stenciling in my dining room, the only room that hasn't been remodeled in any way. I love the Large Chez Ali Allover.

I love the Damask one, have been eyeing it for a while ... it's my new obsession!

OMG - how I would LOVE to win one of these! I have been wanting to stencil in my daughter's room but just can't spend the money right now. Love the Casablance Trellis and the Donatella many fantastic ones to choose from!

OMGoodness! There are SO many! I like Arabesque Allover.

I absolutely love the Moroccan Stencil. So cute!!

Casablanca Trellis and I would use it in my craft room!

Love them all! Looking for something for my bedroom. I think I'd do Large Fabric Damask.

We've been wanting to do an accent wall in our living room and a stencil would be perfect. I can't decide if I love the Ornamental Flower or the Moroccan Stencils: Eastern Lattice Large best. They're all so cool!

I love the large feathered damask and folk flower all over....would love one of these in my bedroom, and can see so many other possibilities, as well.

enless circle lattice allover! i love the circle look!

Casablanca has always caught my eye!

jenfur427 at

These are AWESOME!!! I would have to say Large Japanese Garden A for my daughters room. That would be soo fun. Orn the Ornamental flower for my kitchen or the ribbon lattice for basement. My husband will kill me :)

I totally need this 'cause I want to stencil the top of my girls' dresser I'm working on. I love the chain link all over!

I think I would choose the Large Curved Connection, so many fun stencils! Would look pretty in the living room or bedroom! Thanks for the giveaway.

I LOVE their products. What a great giveaway. I love Encantada Damask.Thanks for hosting!

I love the large Japanesse flower garden B. I would use it in my girls room that I am in the middle of redo, because we moved my son to his own room.

I would love to use th endless moorish circles to frost our front door's side lights.

thanks for the chance :)

the miller's
prezidential life

Oh my word, I want one of each!

I've been wanting to paint my living room/dining area so I'd use the stencil for that. I think the one I'd pick is: Allover Pattern Stencils: Large Fabric Damask

Thanks for a great giveaway!!


I think I would pick either the Casablanca Trellis or the small Hollywood Squares. We have a 1/2 bath downstairs and my sister is ready to change it up.

Yippee. Signed up! Ribbon Lattice allover or the Rockin' Roses!!

This is super hard and I hate being indecisive! I love Endless Circles Lattice, Casablanca Trellis, Large Chez Sheik Allover, Chain Link Allover, & Large Marrakesh Allover Trellis!!

I would love to get the Casablanca Trellis and use it in my master bedroom!

I think I would choose circling elements for my daughters room. Way too many choices. I want one of each!

So fun! I would love to get the Encantada Damask or the Cherry Blossom and use in my girls' rooms. Pretty!

oh, where to start?! I really love the Large Acanthus Trellis! But there are so many cute ones. I can't believe that you are having a give-away, as I've been trying to decide it if was worth the money to buy one for my baby daughter's room. Hope I win!! ;)

GReat blog. I'm always finding inspiration here.

All so great! I love this company! I love the casablanca trellis! So fresh and modern but classic!

Wow. There are so many cool ideas! Also, who knew you could use them on fabric? It makes you want to think of all the places in your house you could use them! I'm a little bit in love with the Small Feather Damask. I would use it in my bedroom, and it would make me happy! So neat!

so hard to pick! i like this one pretty well though:

I LOVE Springtime in Paris! It would look great on my bedroom wall!

im liking the circling elments i want to use it in my kids bathroom oh i can see it now the bright colors so exciting

I would LOVE to do the casablanca allover stencil in my master bathroom!!

WOW! So many stencils, so little time. Where to begin?! At first glance I'm really loving the Japanese Flower Garden B and the Circling Trellis or Circling Allover. Crossing my finger! It would be awesome to win.

I'm in love with the Chinios stencil set. I had a hard time choosing until my eyes fell upon this one - smitten! Thanks for a chance to win.

They are all fantastic! I think I liked the trellises the most. I would probably go with the Bamboo Trellis and there are two rooms I would use it in. first the master bedroom and then the laundryroom.

sooooo many!!! I'm not sure, but I do like the endless circles lattice.. and we're hoping to move in the next year, so umm... I'm not sure where I'd use it. Maybe a living room?

sarah8914 at gmail dot com

Oh Yes!!!! I have visited this website MANY times! I am still REALLY, REALLY, REALLY loving that Elegancia Allover stencil.

oh how much I love the larg fabric damask.

So hard to pick just one but I think my favorite is the Rockin' Roses Damask. One of our bathrooms has a big empty wall that would be a ton of fun to stencil on!

I guess if I had to just pick one it would be the Ornamental Cartouche. But honestly I love all the damask stencils and probably every other stencil that they sell. I'm really wanting to do this in my toilet room in my master bathroom.

There's just so many beautiful patterns to choose from. I really like the Arabesque Allover. It would be great in our bedroom.

I'd like the Large Marrakesh Allover Trellis to use on a faux headboard in my master bedroom!

I love the interlacing leaves allover!

I love the large linked in stencil - I would use it in my entryway!

There are so many i love. The Paris postage stamp is so cute, the small Moroccan inlay is a blast for walls fabric or just crafting. I think my all time favorite one is small chez ali

I love lots of them, but I think I'd choose one of the acanthus trellises. Such a great alternative to wallpaper!

I really like the Kimono All Over stencil. Reminds me of a paisley hand kerchief. I'd use it in my guest bedroom.

I like the ribbon lattice....I need it for over my piano. I think the reason that it caught my eye though was the beautiful purple color. Love it!

I couldn't find a chevron pattern, but i really like the Allover Pattern Stencils: Chain Link

the circling all over is SO cute! i love it! it would look SO good in a nursery!

I love the Rockn' Roses... it would be perfect for my baby girl's room.

I love the Japanesse flower garden B. Perfect for my girls room.


Acanthus trellis allover! I'd love this one!

these have been on my wish list for a long time! I love the huge damask.

omg I am drooling over their stencils :)
Thanks for the opportunity...

Amazing! The designs and colors are so pretty! I did like the Donatella Damask pattern. :) It would look lovely in my bedroom.

Oh my gosh, so hard to choose just one. But, I really like the Large Chez Sheik Allover stencil. Hope I win!

Your stencil wall is beautiful and exactly what I have been looking for for my master bedroom! "Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery"--Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

Acanthus trellis allover would look great in my foyer. I'm thinking soft blue with the stencil another blue just a shade off. Thanks for the chance :)

Ooooh so hard to choose! I love the Endless circle lattice, Circling allover, Large linked in, the chain link, and the large hollywood squares. I don't know which one would go best with the orange paint in my master bedroom. But I would love to win.

The lisboa tile is my favorite, after that I like the donatella damask. I'd probably use either one in the bedroom or living room. Lovely!

I have been stalking one of these....I pinned the endless circles weeks ago, but any of the allover stencils would be amazing because of the impact!

rockin roses damask..i think...i dunno...i love stencils and i kinda want them ALL!!!!

WOW! What a great selection! I had a few favs but I think the rockin roses damask is the one I would chose. I plan to redo our bedroom and I can picture this design on one of the wall.

Ohlala- how did you know that I NEED one of these? I would choose the Large Acanthus Trellis on my curtains in the dining room. Anxiously awaiting the outcome here :)

Aaaah these are ALL sooo darling!! Hard to narrow down a fav but we just LOVE the Large Feathered Damask, Large Fabric Damask, Endless Circle Lattice Allove, Endless Circles Lattice or the Casablanca Trellis..... love these patterns!! They will looks AWE-SOME in our new craft room paired with our white board & batten. Decisions, decisions! :)

Thanks for the opportunity!! xoxo

In general I'm in love with all the allover patterns particularly the scalloping. I also loved the kimono collection stencils! So classy. I'd use it to spruce up my old Ikea bed. All white and no character.

I would love to try my hand at the Japanese Flower Garden B and I would try it in my daughter's room. She is 16 and I think she would really love it.

So many cute ones to choose from! I love the Elagancia Damsack all over!
I would use it in my bedroom!

This was hard to choose a favorite- for sure. I love the Acanthus Trellis Allover. I'm torn between using it on our entryway accent wall or in our toilet closet. Yeah, my toilet is in a closet.
Thanks for the opportunity to win!

wow! Their stencils are amazing. I am not sure I can pick one but since I have to I really really like the feathered Damask - large!

The ribbon latice is lovely! We're gearing up to build a new home...and this would be so fun to use in our new great room.

I love the ribbon lattice one. But I also love the one you did in your bedroom too.

love the Large Japanese Flower Garden B - would look great in my daughter's room

They have SO MANY good ones!! My 3 favorites are the 'Small Hollywood Squares', 'Springtime in Paris' (Both of which I would use in a bathroom) and the 'Large Japanese Flower Garden B' that I would love to use in my girls' room!!

Hard to decide. I think I would choose Moroccan Stencils: Moroccan Key - Large
to spice up our bedroom. Beth T.

So many awesome choices! I would do an accent wall in the bedroom using Large Chez Sheik Allover.

They're all so gorgeous! I like the Endless Circles.

The Moroccan stencil would be perfect for my bedroom remodel!!!! Thanks...

I love them all! Especially the Large Nova Trellis and the casablanca trellis. Oh and the Acanthus Trellis Allover.


I love the more graphic stencils- Casablanca trellis or large nova trellis are neat. I don't know how I'd use it- somewhere fun! I'd start somewhere little- a canvas or a small bathroom!

I would choose the flower stencil because when I first saw it I thought how perfect it would look in my daughters room.

I looked all over their website and cannot find the one you featured 4th. It looks like lace and I love it. I may just be blind but I've love to do it in my master above some board and batten. Thanks for the great giveaway!

I LOVE the Japanese Flower Garden A! I would use it on the floor in my girls room!!!

Endless circles for me. Now to convince hubby to allow me to do some painting/stenciling.

OHH!~ They're all so pretty! my favorite is the Lisboa Tile Allover, and Chez Ali Large would be a close second. I would love to use it in my girls room.

i love the springtime in paris writing on the wall,, but I think I'd choose the large japanese flower, Garden A to do in granddaughters nursery.

I love both of the Large Japanese flower gardens! Would use them in my daughter's play room!


Endless Circle Lattice Allover is one of my favorites and something I'd probably use over and over again! But they're ALL AWESOME!!

They are all too cute, but I knew it as soon as I saw it! Allover Damask would be perfect in my craft room, which will hopefully one day be a baby girl's room.

So many choices....I like Endless Circle Lattice and Japanese Flower Garden B

OMG! I can't pick. But I love Donatella Damask! I would use it everywhere... maybe even my husband's boxers : ) Just kidding... kinda... : )

Elegancia Allover: I'd use it in the now guest room, hopefully one day childs room :)

I absolutely fell in love with the Paris Postage Stamp, gotta have it. Thanks for a chance.

I like the berry romantic and would use it in my bedroom.

Okay, I know I'm past the noon deadline, but if you will still take me, I'd appreciate it! I LOVE the Elegancia Allover.

I love the small Small Chez Sheik. Love.

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