August 18, 2011

Rubberband Gun Tutorial

Boy crafts are few and far between - so when I headed out on errands and Trevor planned to make some rubberband guns, I asked him to take some pictures for me to blog.  While I'm writing this tutorial, he's out of town, so I hope I can guess from the pictures how to make them.  Here we go - how to make a Rubberband Gun  - - -

First have the boys draw their design on paper.  Designing is part of the fun!  Then grab some scraps and try to copy the design into something real...

Remember, I'm interpreting the pictures....

Cut the pieces of wood:

Lay them out how you want them to go together:
Pre-drill the holes so you don't split the wood:

Screw the pieces together (um, the clothespin isn't attached at this point - ignore that in the picture):

Saw out a groove on the end of the barrel to hold the rubberband:

Put superglue on the underside of a clothespin and hold it or clamp it into place until firm:

That's it!  Discuss various rules, such as no aiming for faces, etc.  To load, you hook one end of the rubber band in the grove and the other is held by the clothespin.  To shoot, just aim and open the clothespin.

Armed and dangerous:

If you have questions about all this, I'll have Trevor answer them, so the answers will make sense!


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YAY for boy crafts!!! It's raining today, so my boys are bored... not anymore! Thanks!

My son was looking over my shoulder as I opened your page and he said, "Cool...they shoot rubber bands?" He would love one of these! nephew would love this!!

P.S. Also newly following your blog on GFC and Facebook- Love it!!


Love this -- I have a 5 year old that {{loves}} toy guns and this will definitely be something we will be trying. Thanks for the tutorial :)

Mark would love this (as would the boys!). Great idea!!

I love this, I'm going to make one for all the boys for Christmas, and a big pink one for me!

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