August 25, 2011

Scentsy Review

You're heard of Scentsy, right?!?!  Well so had I, but I didn't actually own any Scentsy products - until I got to review the Grotto PlugIn - wowza, I love it.  That's my own real opinion :)

Scentsy are scent warmers, using a light bulb to melt and let of scent, instead of open flame like a candle.  It's not overpowering, but it definitely gives your home a nice warm scent.  Easy to use - just like a nightlight.  And speaking of, it IS a nightlight - another bonus!

Did you know...

Home fragrance company Scentsy has something for everyone – especially moms. 
·         Whether she is trendy or traditional, there’s a fit for any personality and home décor style. Trendy moms will love Scentsy’s daring Faerie Blossom that combines scents you wouldn’t normally find together in nature like lychee fruit and watermint; traditional moms will enjoy the Forever Pink fragrance, with notes of cherry blossoms and freesia.
·         As Moms-to-be are prepping the baby’s room, they can keep it smelling fresh with Scentsy’s fresh ozonic scents like Newborn Nursery or Clean Breeze which can be perfectly paired with a wickless candle from Scentsy’s Nursery collection or a Scentsy Buddya scented stuffed animal that is great nursery décor!
·         Military moms can show their red-white-and-blue pride with Scentsy’s Patriot collection, which has warmers representing all five branches of the military. Whether you’re stationed overseas or ready to host a homecoming for a loved one, Scentsy’s Welcome Home scent offers a taste of home wherever you’re located.
·         Crafty moms might enjoy Scentsy’s DIY warmers. These come with a stylish Theme Pack that you can use to decorate the warmer yourself – and with your kids – over and over again.

Right now I'm using Sunkissed Citrus which is perfect - I also have Camu Camu which I'm eager to try.  So what about you - - do you have any favorite Scentsy scents that I need to look into??


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Oh so very many favorite Scentsy scents! Honey Pear Cider is a favorite, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Hemingway!

My favorite is Home Sweet Home.

Yay Scentsy!!! :) My favorite summer scent is Cherry Limeade. My favorite winter scent is Snowberry. My favorite all the time scent is Sweet Pea and Vanilla.

don't even think about NEED Sugar Cookie. It's unbelievable. For fall, I like Welcome Home.

I just got an order and I love ALL Of the scents! I got Fairy Blossom for my truck (very candy/floral)-then Route 66 (nice man smell *growl*) Pima Cottom and Thunderstorm (both clean and crisp)
GREAT company, GREAT stuff!

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