August 4, 2011

Tshirt Yarn Knotted Necklace Tutorial

I guess today's necklace tutorial day - I've got another one for ya....

Here's to actually doing things I've pinned - wahoo!

I first saw this tshirt scarf at Shwin &Shwin:

But I ended up making mine a little different, more of a necklace - I still love theirs and want to do their version in gray, but for a colored tshirt I thought less was more.  Here we go on the Tshirt Yarn Knotted Necklace Tutorial...

First, grab an old tshirt.  Then cut strips - mine are less than an inch, maybe 3/4 inch?? you don't have to be precise.

Then to make the strips into "tshirt yarn", just put your hands inside the big loop and pull.  It should turn out like this:
See how it got long and skinny?  That's what you want.

Now, per the tutorial, I wrapped it around my hand a few times.  I show 3 times in the picture, but in the end I changed my mind and made it with 4 wraps around.  
Set your wrapped loops aside into little piles:

Then this is where I differ from the tutorial - they tie the loops together with extra string.  I tied the loops inside themselves - - think of how you take 2 hairties and loop them into each other to make a figure 8.  I took step-by-step pictures for you (ignore the obscene-looking picture #3.....)
So you're going to use that knot-tieing method to connect all your piles.  Then you'll end up with this:
To connect the beginning and end, just take a strip of tshirt, put it through both loops, and tie a knot.  It'll end up like this:

Then wear it with pride!


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I'm loving all your headbands and t-shirt projects lately. Too cute!

loving all these awesome tutorials!

Such a cute twist on the t-shirt necklace. Thisis going on my long to do list. I love the skirt you are wearing in the last photo!!! Did you make it?

fab tutorial! I've made Tshirt yarn and done crochet with it, but this is the first scarf version I've liked :) I've "pinned it" :)

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