August 11, 2011

Upcycled Tshirt Skirt

In case you missed this when I was guest posting....

I'm all about being thrifty and upcycling, as you know.  All summer I've been trying to wear skirts casually instead of shorts - they look nice, and they're super comfy.  And you don't get more comfy than this - a tshirt skirt!  Let's get started:

First, get a few tshirts.  Then cut them into strips - mine were 6 inches wide, but you can do whatever you want.  I used 5.
 Then I cut the side seams in the strips and sewed them all together in two different panels.  

You could try sewing without cutting the side seams (I did it with these dresses I made for girls) but then with different size shirt you get a bit of a gather, etc - it just depends on what you're going for - - here is the dress example:
 Anyways, back on track - - I sewed 2 different panels.  Then I put them on top of each other and cut some "shape" into the skirt - slightly slimmer at the waist and fuller at the hip.
 Then sew the side seams.  Be sure to pay attention to how your stripes are lining up - I think mine matched up pretty good:

Finally you need to make a waistband.  I had originally wanted to make a fold-over waistband (like I show with my knit skirt tutorial here) but then the skirt ended up being too long, so I ended up making a casing (a tube with elastic through it) - see:

That's it!  Seriously, super easy - and so thrifty!!  Wear it like you own the look!!  


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I love that skirt - looks like you could live in it!

Two girls are sweet showing off their skirts.

Now to find some Tshirts with pretty colors:)

Adorable! And I love the colors you used!

That's so cute and easy too. Love it!

Jeanna @

GAH! I love it! It's so cute! Oh the possibilities!!

This is just adorable, Mandy! You did a great job lining up the stripes. Mine would likely be crooked or uneven.
Love the color combo, too!

This is such a cute skirt and it looks like even I could make this with my novice seamstress skills! Thank for sharing; here from Tatertots and Jello!

Sweet Rose Studio

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I keep shying away from sewing with knit. I keep thinking that it's hard to work with, but everyone keeps telling me otherwise. Is there any special technique to use when sewing? I've been told to use a long stitch so that it can stretch and has some give to it. I've been wanting a casual knit skirt for so long, I live in skirts all summer long. Let me know if you have any hints!


I want to make this right now! I need to go through my Goodwill bag and rescue some shirts to make into a skirt! Thanks for sharing!

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