August 8, 2011

Whirlygig Quilt - Finished!!

I saw the tutorial to this quilt awhile ago, and when I did, I loved how it made me, a non-quilter, think I could do it.  Seemed easy enough - so I gave it a go!  The only hard part was that I made it queen size - what was I thinking!  It's for my toddler's bed - hence the fun color scheme.

You can find the tutorial from Quilting on Turtle Hill HERE, which is for a charm pack.  There's modified instructions for larger squares HERE - that's the measurements I used.

It really didn't take that long - it's just sitting down and doing it.

I quilted it on a regular machine, trying my hand at stippling -- if you are a quilt expert , don't look close, but if you're a nonquilter like me, here's the picture to be amazed it - I still can't believe I did it!  And it wasn't hard - just swirling the fabric to make swirls.  I did it on all the brown.
After a whole row I realized I had brown thread in my bobbin - doh!  But I wasn't taking out what I'd already sewn, and I thought it'd be weird to switch part-way through, so it's brown thread on blue - oh well.

I miscalculated at first, so I had to add this big brown strip to all the sides - that part doesn't lay really well, but hey, it's my first big quilt, so I'm giving myself a break.  And kudos to all quilt bloggers - these things are hard to take pictures of- I've got 3 kids holding it up, with one on the side who wanted in on the fun:
I used a sheet for the back - -
 And yep, I think I'm hooked on quilting - although in smaller sizes next time......


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Wow! I've always been impressed by quilts, but have never done one of my own! Kudos to you!

I actually like the contrast of the brown and blue on the back. Since you only did it on certain parts on the front, it creates a fun design on the back!

This is beautiful! I have some fabric I've been wanting to make a quilt out of. Thanks for the inspiration!

Love it! I am new to quilting too, and am afraid to try machine quilting like that. Did you use a walking foot, or a darning foot? Or did you just go for it with a regular foot? However you did it, it looks great!

Looks awesome! I wish I was brave enough to try quilting. I just do not get how you quilters do such amazing work by moving fabric scares me to even thing about trying it! Great job : )

проделана просто огромная работа!

Very nicely done for your first large quilt. Your piecing is amazing and great job on tackling machine quilting. I love doing machine quilting myself and it isn't as scary as most people think. You also did great showcasing the quilt. I also use little helpers to hold up some of my quilts from time to time. The bed photograph is great.

Congrats! That's fabulous!! What a fun pattern.

You beat me! I was secretly using your for motivation to get mine finished. Yours looks awesome, and I'm so impressed it is your first!

I love the colors on the brown background. This is another one of those quilts I want 'to-do', LOL! Great job!

That looks awesome! Love the back! Especially the brown strip through it! I like the brown thread on the blue. Especially for the little guys room! A nice pop of color is always fun!

You did a great job! Love it!

I love the brown thread on the blue back; I would have done that on purpose! Looks very good, your son will treasure it!

Mandy- that looks so good! I love all the colors with the brown! You did such a fabulous job:) I love quilts, I just don't think I have the patience to make one!! You did great!

Just came across your blog and see that you did an awesome job on your quilt! You go!!! Don't you have this overwhelming sense of accomplishment? Looks great!
Berte in Texas

That is amazing. You're braver than me to tackle something on such a large scale first up! Love the colours!!!

What a great job! And from one quilter to another, welcome to the dark side! :-)

Great job! I sooo wish I had the patience to quilt. Hoping one day!

Looks great! I'm terrified of quilting, but maybe someday:)

I did my first quilt about a year ago. It's fun when it's done huh? I still need to do a second one, but we'll see when I get around to it! :)

Wow! It looks great! I really want to try a quilt for my daughters bed.

Wow. Your quilt is sooo cute and it'll be something special your little guy will always have made by his mom. I have special quilts made by my granny. :)

Wow! Nicely done. I love the quilting in the brown pieces.

this is fantastic and it's so large. I love it!

Nicely done! Your quilting is fabulous and I am a quilter. :) I've always wanted to try this pattern and seeing your quilt makes me want to start it now!

Jennifer :)

I love your quilt! I've finished the quilt top of my first quilt, and now I'm slowly working on finishing it up. I, too, caught the bug! I think I might use this pattern for my next one. It's so cute!

Looks great! I like how you did the quilting on just the solids so the pattern shows up on the back as well.

What a beautiful quilt, and I love that the back is just as pretty. Your family will cherish this for years! Sharon

love love LOVE this quilt.
colours are awesome - and i love your quilting.
just lovely.
cheryl xox.

I love the colors - - including the brown bobbin thread on the blue sheet. It came out great! Nice job on the quilting. Beautiful quilt!

I love the colors - - including the brown bobbin thread on the blue sheet. It came out great! Nice job on the quilting. Beautiful quilt!

LOVE the colors - great job!

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