August 24, 2011

WIWW - again with the shirt

I grabbed these fun blue shoes at a garage sale for $1, so I whipped up a hairpin to match - hope that's not too matchy-matchy.  Instead of a safe white undershirt, I stuck that yellow in for a pop of color - I think it works.

But, does that shirt look familiar??  I wore it in an earlier WIWW post, linked HERE and shown below.  I think it's better with jeans, but it still has that weird bust-loop-fabric thing - I think I might just cut that off.
Here's what I wore on the kids' first day back to school.  I forgot to take a WIWW picture, but my neighbor snapped this of our family - - since my 4 year old didn't get to go to school this year, and lots of her friends did, I told her we could match, so that was fun - - that easy skirt tutorial is here.
 Oh, and do you notice my new haircolr? - me either!!  The box said "dark champagne blonde" and I swear it came out as the same color I had before - and definitely not a glimpse of blonde - oh well.

So, thoughts on the shirt in that first picture??  I feel weird when I'm wearing it, but maybe it looks normal? Maybe not??


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I think the shirt is actually quite cute. I prefer it with the jeans. My rule of thumb is "fluffy on bottom, fitted on top; fitted on top, fluffy on bottom" which keeps me from being too fluffy! LOL

That shirt is cute!!! It looks great on you.

the shirt is really cute! I like it much better with jeans- something slim over something flowing. And I like the yellow underneath, though white tank under with colorful jewelry would be nice too.

Great shoes!

I really like that shirt. It works great with both but I agree the jeans with it looks perfect.

I always read these posts, but have not commented before. I just wanted to tell you that that the 1st outfit is one of my favorites that I've seen on you. It's super flattering. You don't need to change anything about the top. Oh & I noticed the hair color change & like it.

katy @ redBuddy notes

The shirt looks great on you and I can tell a difference in the hair!! A little auburn like! Love it!

I liked quilter in the gap's comment. It does look better to have something floofy and something fitted worn opposite of each other. That top is cute and I love the yellow and blue! It really makes it pop.

Love the new haircolor! Makes me want to change back to brunette! And I love the pops of color in your outfit!

It definitely looks better with the top outfit... But you're right, that bust loop thing is just weird... Maybe you can get rid of it and reevaluate. I think it could be cute without that.
And I'm seriously jealous of your yard sale finds! I NEED to go yard selling!

I like the outfit in the first picture. Not too matchy-matchy, but everything goes together very nicely!

LOVE that white shirt & that pop of yellow along with the blue was a great idea!

The white shirt looks great with the jeans! I love the pop of yellow in there as well.

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