August 17, 2011

WIWW - a story of a deal...

Want to here a fabulous story??  Stick with me - -

Once upon a time I went to a garage sale (well, that happens all the time actually - but anyways) - there were tons of name-brand clothes, my size for $.50 - score!  I spent $8.

Later that day, Kate stopped by to see if I wanted to go to this local consignment shop.  A pair of jeans and a jacket I bought at that garage sale didn't fit, so I grabbed them thinking the shop might buy them from me.

So, I found a couple of shirts at the shop - they were $3 each, so $6 total.  And they bought my stuff - for $14.  So $14 - $6 = $8 profit.  And that's what I spent on at the garage sale.  So I broke even!! and I have a bunch of new shirts to show for it.

Wanna see some of them??  Here we go - -

Cute yellow shirt - kinda puffy sleeves, but I don't mind them.  I think this is a fun color - -

 Cute pink shirt, came with the tie around the middle.  Maybe I should mix it up with a different color tie or belt?  Wore this to dinner out with the family.
 I liked this stripped shirt, until I saw this picture - doesn't it make me look hip-py?? - and until I saw a 10-year old at church wearing the same shirt.  Kate had told me she thought it was a little juvenile for an adult, so maybe she was right??  I wore it to the skating rink:
 This is one of the shirts from the store - it was in the shirt section, but I'm thinking it was probably meant to be a dress, although it's pretty short - so I thought it'd be another thing I could try wearing leggings with.  I know some of you have strong feelings about adults in leggings, but they're so comfy, I keep trying to make them work.  I wore this to the state fair - -
Any of you out there found some amazing deals lately??


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13 Fabulous Comments:

Your dress with the leggings looks so comfy, I'd love to keep an eye out for one like that! Over here in Ireland tons of adult women wear leggings, we couldn't be without them in the summer!!

Your yellow top in the first picture is also so so gorgeous, it really works well with your skin and is so vibrant, compared with your grey striped top it outshine it, the stripe one nearly makes you look older...

You look great in all of them!! I just found some cute stuff at Goodwill! Shocker for me!!

I like all of them! And what a great deal that it was all free!! The stripped one looks good on you, I have some girls x-large shirts in my closet. In fact, me and my daughters all have the same shirt from the girls department. I might try going to some tag sales this weekend, but I never have luck like most people in blogland.

I don't think you could look "hippy" in anything. And if I was as slim as you are, I would rock some leggings, too. Just be yourself and have fun with your clothes!

I love the yellow shirt, puffy sleeves and all! It is a great color. And you can easily pull off the leggings. But I don't know about the striped shirt.

Look at you working those outfits-lol!

I am liking the striped one the best:)

the dress with the leggings is my cute! And as for the striped shirt...I don't think there is anything wrong with it...can't imagine why anyone would think it was "too juvenile"?! WTG on your awesome deals!

You are too cute! I love the leggings and the stripes! And I love your signature pose...=)

I love the leggings look the best! Oh Mandy, you're so cute. I love the yellow shirt on you; it is so cheery! And great shopping. I love days like that when things just work out so nicely.

I think that if something doesn't look like children's clothing, and it fits you, then wear it! That striped shirt doesn't look like a child's. I actually like leggings if you have a shirt/dress to cover your tush. But where I live, too many women wear them as pants, and it's not a pretty sight. lol

I think you're right about the pink shirt...maybe a black belt would give it some nice contrast. I think the striped shirt is FUN not young. But you could try wearing it with maybe some black pants to counter it a little bit. You're Totally rocking that dress/legging outfit. I never have much luck finding clothing for me, but I just found an entire nursery room set... everything from a crib skirt to curtains and even a matching picture set for $3. Of course that's not as good as free, but I try!

You look great in everything! And what an awesome deal to get it all for free, lucky duck! I agree that a a contrasting belt would be good for the pink one, but it looks fine as is too. Also, I love that stripey "juvenile" shirt, I'd wear it! And the dress and leggings is my favorite. :)

You are the deal queen!! Love all your new shirts.

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